Breaking into Medical Sales

Breaking into Medical Sales Job Search

Wait! 3 Questions You Must Answer Before Considering Medical Sales College

Learn more about Medical Sales College Medical Sales College has received over 7,000 applications since opening in 2010. But they’ve only accepted and trained 1,300 students. Their choice to pick-and-choose the right students comes down to good ol’ quality versus quantity logic. College admissions staff, however, shouldn’t be the only ones being particularly selective. With, […]

Breaking into Medical Sales Job Search

Everything You Need to Know About Medical Sales College

“I always dreamed of getting into the medical industry and I found a passion for sales in a previous role. I made the decision to combine the two in order to find what I believe will be my long-term career.” That’s why Jessica Hamrick, an orthobiologics graduate from Medical Sales College, decided to enroll in […]

Breaking into Medical Sales Job Search

3 Differences Between Medical Device Sales and Pharmaceutical Sales

“Medical sales” often gets lumped into one giant category regardless of what you’re selling. This is especially true for those new to the industry. While some of the differences may seem small to outsiders, they’re immense to those selling the products every day. 0

Breaking into Medical Sales Job Search

7 Questions You Need to Ask When Breaking Into Medical Sales With a Startup

Startup companies are taking the healthcare world by storm. The combination of innovation and passion for the public’s health is driving them forward faster than ever. Neurology startup Magnolia Neurosciences, for example, just raised $31 million in Series A round funding. Funding like this is propelling startups forward and creating a huge opportunity for job […]

Breaking into Medical Sales Job Search

Ask Linda: Can I Break Into Medical Device Sales upon College Graduation?

Written by Linda Hertz, medical sales recruiter, career blogger, and founder of the Linda Hertz Group. Hi Linda,  I’d like to explain to you my situation, so the question comes off more clear and precise. I’m a 21-year-old college student that is double majoring in sales/marketing. My freshmen year of college, I was striving to become […]

Breaking into Medical Sales Job Search

Level-Up Your Entry-Level Medical Sales Job Search With AI

Robots are taking over — and that’s great news for entry-level medical sales job seekers. OK, so they’re not completely taking over. Hiring professionals are still hard at work searching for the next top medical sales talent. However, they’re using new advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) to find the right matches before bringing candidates in […]

Breaking into Medical Sales Job Search

Before Taking That Entry-Level Medical Sales Job, Consider This

You’ve been in sales for a few years, have found your footing, and are ready for a new and exciting career change. As you journey into entry-level medical sales, you’ll find there is an overwhelming number of possibilities. Mixed in is one major decision you’ll need to make: do you want to work for a […]

Breaking into Medical Sales Job Search

Are You Emotionally Agile Enough for a Job in Medical Sales? How to Prove It

No matter what twists and turns the medical sales field throws at you, you’re ready for them. Customers and peers are naturally drawn to your easy-going nature — especially during stressful times. While they may call you laid-back or open-minded, the proper term is emotionally agile. Virgin Pulse recently teamed up with Harvard Medical School […]

Breaking into Medical Sales Job Search

How to Land Top Medical Sales Rep Roles Without Direct Experience

Design a portfolio. Download a job search app. Edit your social media profiles. Update your cover letter and resume. The list of job seeking tips goes on and on. By the time you feel confident in a few strategies, a hundred new tips, tricks, and gadgets are released. And when it comes to advice on […]

Breaking into Medical Sales Job Search

Land Entry-Level Medical Sales Jobs in Three Easy Steps

You have experience. You swear. You’ve successfully worked in sales and it’s even been for the amount of time required in the job description. But it’s still not enough. This rejection often leads to feelings of inadequacy. But believe me, it’s not a matter of adequacy, but rather a matter of understanding how to effectively […]