How to Prove to Medical Sales Reps You’re the Change They Need

Medical sales reps know just what they want out of their career and, for the most part, the majority of current reps have found it. In fact, 47 percent of medical sales employees say they’re not currently looking for other opportunities, according to our 2018 Best Places to Work report. […]

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Land Entry-Level Medical Sales Jobs in Three Easy Steps

You have experience. You swear. You’ve successfully worked in sales and it’s even been for the amount of time required in the job description. But it’s still not enough. This rejection often leads to feelings of inadequacy. But believe me, it’s not a matter of adequacy, but rather a matter […]

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Crack the Code – Here’s How to Get Instant Access to Entry-Level Medical Sales Jobs

You entered all the details. You tried them in every order possible. Click, click, click, click — access denied. This is a frequent frustrating occurrence for entry-level medical sales job seekers. It seems no matter what efforts you put into your application and interviewing, your more experienced competitors are the […]

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These 4 Women Didn’t Let Anything Hold Them Back, Neither Should You

One simple word evokes a myriad of emotions and imagery. What adjectives crossed your mind after reading that powerful first word? Who popped into your mind — are they famous by definition or only in your world? This year, we reflect on this word more than ever as Women’s History […]

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Resume Writing Challenge: I’m So Much More than My Stats

It’s a quintessential resume and LinkedIn dilemma that is common in the world of medical sales. Recognizing that the saying “numbers speak louder than words” applies, many of my clients come to me rich with CRM stats, but struggling to put their ranks and revenues into context.

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quiet job hunt

How to Launch a (Quiet) Job Hunt for a Medical Sales Role in 2018

With record low unemployment, the 2018 job market in healthcare sales looks promising. Ready to get started? If the idea of a quiet v. full-throttle job search is more to your liking, here are five actions you can take:

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Study Says Recruiters Are Increasing Hiring. Be Prepared to Impress Every Single One

Over the past decade, we’ve heard a great deal about the job shortage making it difficult for even the most qualified talent to find a job. But the tables have turned. In fact, 55 percent of recruiters in the U.S. and Canada say they expect their hiring volume to increase […]

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The Science and Strategy Behind LinkedIn Content Sharing as a Medical Sales Job Search Strategy

From a job search standpoint, the notion that LinkedIn is THE place to see and get seen for pharma, device or capital equipment sales roles is grounded in fact. A 2015 Ad Week article citing a Jobvite survey of recruiters reported that 92 percent of those surveyed use social media […]

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Why a Secret Job Search Is an Unsuccessful Job Search

When you’re already employed, “job search” is almost a dirty word. You try to keep your search secret because you’re worried about what might happen. What if your current boss finds out? What if potential employers find your blatant searching unprofessional? But the truth is, many medical sales representatives are […]

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Will Your Online Presence Help or Hurt During a Medical Sales Job Hunt?

Sadly, the days when a killer resume alone will land you that coveted pharma or medical device sales role are long gone. Why? Without “social proof,” (aka an online presence) that reaffirms that you are who you say you are, chances are great that a recruiter or a hiring manager […]

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