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Job Search Advice from a Pharma Sales Recruiter

Q&A with Princeton One Recruiter MedReps interviews Isaac Whatley, the Biotech and Pharma Recruiting Team Lead at Princeton One. He’s been at Princeton One for three years and leads a team focused on filling pharmaceutical sales jobs for clients. He reveals what candidates can do to make a good impression and increase their chances of getting the […]

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The Top Medical Device Jobs You Need to Be On the Lookout For

It’s an exciting time to be on the hunt for medical device jobs. Every year, the industry raises the already high bar on innovation. However, with new developments and job openings comes an overwhelming amount of differing opportunities.  Some medical device jobs have slight differences, but it’s those differences that could make or break your […]

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Background Checks in the Medical Sales Industry

7 Things That Will Stop You from Landing Your Dream Job Guest post by George Griffiths, Managing Director of uCheck If you’re applying for a job in the medical sales industry, you need to be aware that medical or pharmaceutical companies set the stakes high when it comes to background checks on future employees.  Let’s face […]

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How to Highlight Your Transferable Skills On A Medical Sales Resume

Discharge rates and layoffs remain high, at 5.9%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The latest report also revealed job openings have decreased in both the healthcare and professional and business services industries.  Whether your job has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic or you’re looking to make a change, these numbers mean […]

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6 Key Elements of Relationship-Building In Medical Sales

Relationships are the key to success in any sales process. Healthy partnerships solidify trust, increase communication, improve retention, and help you navigate the unexpected. The combined importance of all of these is unquestionable.  In fact, according to research by Frederick Reichheld of Bain and Company, increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% […]

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6 Steps to Prepare and Deal with COVID-19 Job Loss

In an ideal world, layoffs are performed as part of a large-scale plan to eliminate the dead weight and retain top talent. As we saw too often during 2008 and countless times during mergers, corporate takeovers, and again with COVID-19, this doesn’t happen.  Instead, due to the pressures of having to make decisions rapidly and […]

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The Perfect Medical Sales Cover Letter Template

We recently shared the dos and don’ts of writing a medical sales cover letter. Now it’s time to apply them to your job search. Remember, your cover letter should be less than one page because while cover letters are important, recruiters do not spend very long reading them.  Here is a cover letter template for […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Medical Sales Cover Letter

The job search process is full of stressful moments. However, most of them can’t measure up to the awkwardness of drafting a sales cover letter. You must write confidently about yourself, all while tying in how previous accomplishments make you the ultimate fit for an open role.  It’s no easy feat. But it is one […]