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Virtual Recruitment Solutions for Today’s Top Talent

The candidate experience in virtual recruitment can easily be far from ideal. It’s OK to admit it! Recruiters in all sorts of industries are still learning to navigate how to offer positive recruitment experiences in today’s job market. With social distancing in place as many offices continue with remote work, keep in mind: You are […]

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From Startup to Large Corporation — What You Can Expect from Medical Sales Jobs

Determining which medical sales company is your best fit is a major challenge. Medical sales jobs come in all shapes and sizes — as do medical sales companies — and each comes with a different product, mission, territory, and so on. Luckily, there’s a way to break your decision down into a smaller, more manageable […]

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MedReps Guide to Networking in Medical Sales

Medical sales job search techniques have changed a lot over the years, but at least one thing remains the same — it’s usually not what you know, but who you know. That is, networking is critical to breaking into medical sales. According to a LinkedIn survey, networking is a must for today’s job seekers. In […]

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ebook: How to Play & Win the Medical Sales Job Search Game

In today’s tough job market, experience isn’t enough. A strong selling technique isn’t enough. Even “who you know” may not be enough. In order to get a great job as a medical sales rep, you need all of the above and more. You need to know how to play the game. And who better to teach you the […]

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ebook: Resume Secrets from Industry Experts

There’s no shortage of generic job seeker advice on the internet. However, when it comes to your medical sales resume, the cover-all tips and tricks may not be enough. You’re working hard to land your dream job in medical sales, from spending day and night searching for the right opportunity to the countless hours you […]

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ebook: Is a Medical Sales Career the Right Choice for You?

A career in medical sales holds many exciting opportunities. You have incredible earning opportunities, the freedom to create your own schedule, and the ability to make a difference in healthcare with your career.    However, there’s more to being a medical sales rep than chatting with doctors and collecting a paycheck. The intricate details for […]