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Women in Medical Sales: She Bought the Company that Fired Her

She never planned on breaking into the medical sales industry. But as a single mother of four, Marie Cosgrove needed something that would fit her family’s needs. So she turned to a commission-only sales job that would provide flexibility and necessary income to cover her children’s healthcare.  Now, Cosgrove has twenty-five years of experience in […]

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How to Fulfill the Staffing Needs for Remote, Hybrid, and On-Site Sales Teams

As a staffing pro, you already know how to source talent to match the position’s requirements, company culture, and soft skill expectations. However, it’s now necessary to recruit based on the specific staffing needs of each work modality as well.  While the hybrid structure is a favorite in the workforce right now, don’t assume that […]

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The Reality of Medical Sales Contractor Jobs

Many reps in medical sales love working as an independent sales contractor, and the popularity of that sales style is growing.  According to recent research from Freelancers Union, 35% of the workforce engaged in supplemental, temporary, project- or contract-based work in some capacity during the past year. That demonstrates a 7% growth since 2014.  Moreover, […]

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Medical Sales Recruiting: Convincing Candidates to Relocate

Remote work has allowed medical sales recruiters to put the relocation topic on the backburner as a discussion topic with top talent. Yet we all know, success in medical sales relies on relationship building. It’s possible to connect with clients over video conferences, but there’s no denying that face-to-face sales are most effective. Not only […]

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5 Medical Sales Recruitment Tips to Attract Talent

Anytime you use persuasion, you must understand what it is your audience values. For example, you can try to talk someone into moving into a new area because of the great schools, quality playgrounds, and safe roads in the neighborhood. But if they don’t have kids, that argument will fall flat. It’s the same in […]

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Which Medical Representative Career Path Suits Your Needs?

If you are beginning to dip your toes into the waters of the medical sales industry, it can be overwhelming to find the medical representative career path that’s right for you.  Here at MedReps, we tend to divide the options into five categories: surgical, medical device, biotechnology, medical equipment, and pharmaceutical sales. And each of […]