Best Places to Work in Medical Sales
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Best Places to Work in Medical Sales in 2014

Best Places to Work in Medical Sales


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Where is the best place to work in medical sales? Over 1,000 members of the MedReps community have voted and the winner is clear – Medtronic is once again the employer of choice! After taking the title from Johnson & Johnson last year, Medtronic held onto the top spot going into 2014. Also at the top of the list  were Stryker and Boston Scientific. These 3 companies won the most votes overall, and  therefore also won for the medical device and equipment categories. Respondents who prefer to sell other types of  products voted on companies in their respective categories, and the winners in pharma, biotech, and medical supplies are noted below.



Best Places to Work Survey Medtronic jobs    stryker jobs    Boston Scientific Jobs

While all of the official winners are large companies, over half of respondents said they’d ideally like to work for a medium-sized company (48%) or a small company (11%). Consequently, plenty of respondents wrote in the names of smaller and lesser-known companies and cited compelling reasons to consider them for the Best Place to Work in Medical Sales award. Don’t miss the Honorable Mentions section, and read what employees and would-be employees had to say about these great places to work in medical sales.

And the Winners Are…

Over half (53%) of all respondents prefer to sell medical device or medical equipment, so it’s no surprise that medical device companies were the overall winners. When looking at the companies chosen by respondents who specialize in pharma, biotech, and disposables, we begin  to see a little more variety.


Medical Device/Equipment Sales



Boston Scientific jobs

Pharmaceutical Sales


Johnson & Johnson jobs


Biotech/Biopharma Sales

Amgen jobs

Johnson & Johnson

Genentech Jobs


Med Supplies /Disposables Sales

Medline JobsCardinal Health jobs

Honorable Mentions



 genzyme jobs Covidien Forest Pharmaceuticals
Coloplast jobs Premier Biotech Integra Life Sciences
Myriad Genetics Jobs  180 Medical jobs Omnicell Jobs
Applied Diagnostics


So, what makes these companies great?

When it comes to evaluating prospective employers, medical sales professionals want to know, most importantly, that the company has a strong product line. But in this fast paced, ever-changing industry, it’s not enough to have great products today, med reps want to know the company is committed to research and development so that they will continue to offer a strong products in the future. Brand recognition is nice too, and strong financials of course, but when asked what’s most important – it comes down to a solid product line.

As it relates to corporate culture and employee growth, survey respondents overwhelmingly ranked competitive compensation and commission structure as the most important benefit offered by a prospective employer. Emphasis on work-life balance was a close second though. While a commitment to promoting from within and paid, on-the-job training opportunities were a fairly distant third and fourth. Commitment to social responsibility and employee wellness initiatives  came in at the bottom of the list.


From small start-ups to industry giants, medical sales and marketing professionals can find opportunities with a wide variety of healthcare companies – selling everything from devices and pharmaceuticals to home healthcare, IT services, and more. Job seekers who know what they want can pursue a more targeted search, but it’s important to remain flexible. Not every job seeker will be hired for Medtronic jobs, Johnson & Johnson jobs, or Stryker jobs, but this is no reason to be discouraged. There are thousands of other growing healthcare companies willing to pay for top talent. Could they be looking for you?


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