2022 Best Places to Work in Medical Sales

MedReps is thrilled to reveal the Best Places to Work in Medical Sales in 2022! 

As the medical products industry emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, MedReps is taking the pulse of its field representatives– medical sales reps – to determine what matters most to them in their place of work. While pay was rated most important overall, it barely outranked leadership and the presence of a strong company culture was just a couple of percentage points behind. The companies at the top of this year’s list clearly did an exceptional job supporting their employees during the crux of the crisis. Interestingly, despite the attention showered on the new hybrid workplace model, remote options were ranked as the lowest priority for survey respondents. Flexible hours were more important, but still nowhere near the top. 

This report includes the top 10 large employers and top 10 small employers to work for in medical sales, as voted for by medical sales professionals. 

Additionally, we asked medical sales reps what matters most to them in an employer. 

Ready to see the winners?

Top 10 Large Employers


  1. Teleflex
  3. Medtronic
  4. Abbott
  5. Stryker
  6. Janssen / Johnson & Johnson
  7. Boston Scientific
  8. AbbVie
  9. Pfizer
  10. Zimmer Biomet

Consistently ranking among MedReps’ Best Places to Work, this year, Teleflex moved to the top of the list. Across all demographics, employees and prospective employees want to work at Teleflex. Headquartered in Wayne, PA, the medical service company is well-known for having a positive company culture and strong, reputable products.

“Being named one of the ‘Best Places to Work’ is both an honor and a privilege, and it is something we take very seriously,” said Teleflex Corporate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Cam Hicks. “While COVID has certainly accelerated the creation of employee programs, Teleflex has always been committed to putting people at the center of all we do. It is part of our Core Values and is the heart and soul of our company, and it’s a prime reason our team is able to deliver on our commitments to healthcare professionals facing enormous challenges.”

Headquartered in Largo, Florida, CONMED Corp. is another consistent performer at the top of the Best Places to Work list. CONMED provides a positive culture and the ability for employees to make an impact on the world by focusing on their strengths. “CONMED leaders put PEOPLE first. We focus on each sales representatives’ unique strengths to coach them for success in serving our global customers and, in turn, their own career growth,” said Shaelie Lambarth, CONMED’s vice president of global talent management. A global medical technology company, CONMED was equally popular among both men and women and particularly well-liked by Millennials.

A well-known name in the medical device industry, Medtronic is also famous for its strong product pipeline, which includes solutions in the diabetes, cardiovascular, neurological and spinal spaces. Medtronic sales representatives are recognized across the industry for their integrity and professionalism, which is attractive for job seekers looking to build their reputations and grow their careers. Medtronic VP Global Talent and Leadership Development Patty McPhee also lauded the employees. “Our industry leadership comes from the passion and ingenuity of our people,” she said, “That is who we are. So, it is particularly gratifying that our Mission-driven team of more than 90,000 employees worldwide has been singled out by this industry vote.”

Top 10 Small Employers


  1. Avion and Acella Pharmaceuticals LLC
  2. 23andMe
  3. Preision Medical Products
  4. Acumed
  5. Shockwave Medical
  6. 10x Genomics
  7. Nevro
  8. CSI Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.
  9. Axonics
  10. Silkroad Medical

Specialty pharmaceutical company Avion Pharmaceuticals, LLC. and its subsidiary Acella Pharmaceuticals, LLC. rose to the top of the pack again as the top small company to work for. Located in Alpharetta, GA and specializing in women’s health, dermatology and endocrinology, Avion and Acella is truly a “family” both inside and outside of the workplace. Survey respondents were looking for a positive company culture and strong leadership, and they said this company has both in spades. “At Avion and Acella we are dedicated to having a high moral standard. I’m proud to say we are transparent to a fault. Our leaders work and live through the philosophy of treating others the way they want to be treated,” said Avion Chief Executive Officer, Harold “Art” Deas. Avion and Acella is well-liked by men and even more popular with women. The company was ranked at the top by all generations.

Popular consumer DNA testing company 23andMe was taken public by billionaire Sir Richard Branson in February. It is not surprising that a company whose foundation is based on the fact that we are all linked by a shared thread (our DNA), would receive high marks for company culture. Popular across the board, 23andMe is well-regarded by both men and women, maintained its second-place rank among Millennials and Gen Xers and came in third with Baby Boomers.

A “self-funded startup formed by a few people in a garage” in 2010, Precision Medical Products is comprised of more than 140 employees across 36 states. Located in Rockland, CA, PMP has grown so quickly, it was recognized as the #1 fastest growing company in Sacramento in 2015. This could be partly because the company lists among its core values: “Have integrity”, “always improve”, and “have fun.” Precision Medical Products was ranked in the top three among both Millennials and Baby Boomers, falling to No. 6 in the middle Gen X cohort. Precision Medical was rated highly by both women and men.

What’s Important in an Employer?

Pay and leadership were on par for being the most important consideration in an employer – followed very closely by culture. This could be indicative of a time when leaders have had to dig deep to pull their companies through the heart of the pandemic. The companies who supported their sales reps the best rose to the top.

> Women valued leadership and culture at a slightly higher rate than men. For female respondents, the top considerations were culture, followed by leadership and pay. Women also placed significantly more value on flexible working hours and remote options.

> For men, the most important consideration was innovation and a strong product pipeline. This was followed by pay, leadership, career growth and development and culture.

> For all the attention given to remote options over the past 18 months, this was the lowest-rated variable, with only 63% of respondents rating remote options as important or very important. More medical sales reps (74%) valued flexible working hours.

> Still a hot button area of focus, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) was ranked as important or very important by 69% of respondents. There was a significant disparity in how many rated DEIB as important between individuals identifying as White/Non-Hispanic (67%) and those identifying as “other”, which includes Asian, Black/African American & Hispanic (84%). Remote options and flexible working hours were significantly more important to those identifying as “other” than for those identifying as White.

> The starkest generational differences were among Gen X respondents, who rated leadership, culture and innovation and products more highly than either millennials or baby boomers. For the eldest generation, benefits, DEIB and remote options were more important considerations than for the other groups.

What employer attributes are most important?

Percentage of respondents who indicated attribute was most important

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