2020 Best Places to Work in Medical Sales


Medical sales professionals praise their employers and report increased job satisfaction.

It’s a great time to work in medical sales careers! The results from the 9th Annual Best Places to Work in Medical Sales survey show increased job satisfaction among medical sales professionals. And more respondents than ever voted for their employers to win the award. The percentage of respondents looking for jobs is down considerably, suggesting employers increasingly know how to keep reps happy. 

Syneos Health, Teleflex, and CONMED were the overall winners this year with the majority of votes coming from their own employees. Find out what these companies are doing to keep employees happy and discover what sales professionals really want in an employer.

2020 Best Places to Work

Overall Winners
Syneos Health

Best Medical Device Companies
Large: Teleflex
Small: Precision Medical Products

Best Pharma Companies
Large: Syneos Health
Med: Lundbeck
Small: Avion Pharmaceuticals

Best Biotech Companies
Large: Amgen
Medium: Biogen
Small: Genomind


About the Survey

In October of 2019, the MedReps community was invited to take the annual Best Places to Work in Medical Sales survey. The survey was also shared with employers who were encouraged to ask their teams to participate. 

Now in its ninth year, the Best Places to Work in Medical Sales survey originally sought to find out where medical sales professionals most wanted to work. It still does this to a degree, but over the years, the survey has evolved to reveal what medical sales employees think about their current employers — and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. 

More than 1,200 respondents took the survey, and a record-breaking 70% voted for their current employer. The Best Places to Work in Medical Sales survey has always given respondents the opportunity to vote for their employers. In recent years, we have received more employer engagement (employers are sharing and encouraging their sales teams to anonymously participate). This has led to a notable increase in the percentage of respondents voting for their employers. 


Respondents were asked in which size and category they preferred to cast their vote. Those who did not choose to vote for their current employer were presented a list of nominees from the MedReps community, previous winners, as well as companies on the Fortune and Global 500 lists. They also had the option to write in a vote.  

Winners were selected for each size and category. The full list of winners showcases companies that are thought highly of by their own employees as well as medical sales job seekers. 

Keep reading to learn more about the winners and the qualities medical sales professionals are looking for in their employers.  

2020 Top 3 Winners

Syneos Best Places to Work
Teleflex Best Places to Work
CONMED Best Places to Work

What is a Positive Corporate Culture?

Positive corporate culture is obviously important, but how does one define it? What does it look like? Even the employees who participated in the survey weren’t always able to articulate what the term means, but they were certain their employers had it. 

Multiple questions on the survey were intended to dig further into what contributes to a positive corporate culture. Respondents were asked about leadership, teammates, and employee recognition. Their answers provide several takeaways about the essentials of a positive corporate culture.  

  • Honest and trustworthy leaders are a must in a positive corporate culture. 53% of respondents said trustworthiness is one of the most important characteristics a leader can have. Employees don’t want things sugarcoated (in fact, only 17% said positivity was an important trait in a leader). They want leaders who are straightforward and passionate about the company.
  • Supportive teammates are essential to a positive corporate culture. 62% of respondents said being supportive was the most important trait a team member can have. From this stat, one may conclude that a collaborative sales environment is also important in creating a positive corporate culture. Sales professionals don’t want to be a part of a company that pits team members against each other. They want collaboration and support from team members. And as with leadership, honesty is also essential.  
  • Work-life balance (83%) is the most common value associated with a positive corporate culture. Respondents want to work for an employer that recognizes they are more than just a worker. And reinforcing the desire for a collaborative sales environment, 60% of respondents said a focus on team building and collaboration is one of the most important values an employer can have. 
  • When it comes to employee recognition, compensation is most important (80%), but respondents also want to know their employer is committed to promoting from within (59%). Mentorship is appreciated (43%), while paid training (16%) and tuition reimbursement (2%) are less important.
Compensation 80%
Promoting within 59%
Mentorship 43%
Paid Training 16%
Tuition reimbursement 2%

It’s not just the employees at Syneos Health, Teleflex and CONMED who are satisfied with their jobs. An overwhelming 90% of employed respondents said they are satisfied with their jobs. This figure is higher than its been in the history of this survey.

Despite high job satisfaction in previous years, the percentage of respondents in an active job search always seemed disproportionately high. This year, however, just 11% of respondents said they are in an active job search. This figure is down from 24% last year and 29% in 2018. It seems medical sales employers are treating employees better than ever and employees recognize it, so retention may also be on the rise. It’s fair to say increased attention to employees’ work-life balance, (which improves job satisfaction) is beneficial to the employer for a number of reasons.

The Best and the Worst of Medical Sales Jobs

Each year, we ask professionals to tell us what they love most about their jobs as well as the things they don’t love. Consistent with years past, the most frequent response to “What’s the best part of the job?” is the ability to “make a difference.” “Work-life balance” is another common answer — even more popular this year than in previous years, suggesting the increasing importance of this particular perk. Back in the top five responses this year is “my manager.” 


Of course, not everything is sunny. Medical sales jobs can be extremely stressful and increasing paperwork and regulations are making the job harder than it used to be. Administrative work is the most frequent answer to “What’s the worst part of the job?” In fact, it took the #1 spot over stress and pressure, which came in at #2 this year. “Access to customers” was cited by 22% of respondents, jumping to #3 on the list. Time in the car and bad commission structures rounded out the top five.



The 2020 Best Places to Work Awards shine a light on companies that treat their sales professionals well. Syneos Health, Teleflex, and CONMED are working hard to build positive corporate cultures and their employees are reaping the benefits. The benefits for employers are clear as well. 

Even the happiest medical sales professionals have their complaints about the job, but overall it’s a great time to work in medical sales careers. And for those who are in an active medical sales job search, there are plenty of great employers that are always looking for top talent — and you can find them right here on MedReps.