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Medical sales is an attractive industry — the autonomy, the money, the chance to work alongside medical professionals and make a real difference in the world. What’s not to love? But every medical sales professional knows that not all medical sales jobs are created equal. So where are the best medical sales jobs? Which employers are the most sought-after?

The Annual MedReps Best Places to Work in Medical Sales survey answers that question and more. After counting the votes, these companies came out on top: CONMED, Teleflex, and Johnson & Johnson. Now, here’s a look at why medical sales reps can’t say enough good things about their work and workplaces:

About the Survey

In Q4 of 2017, MedReps surveyed our community of medical sales talent to find out where they love to work. Of the 838 respondents this year, 75 percent are employed and half of the respondents voted for their own company.

We also provided a list of winners from previous Best Places to Work surveys for respondent consideration, while others chose to write in their preferred company name. In addition to the number of votes received for each company, winners were also considered on the basis of the number of employees voting for their own company and employee comments.

Large and mid-size companies once again top the list of best places to work, but medical sales reps at small companies love their jobs just as much. So, in addition to the overall winners, we decided to name a small, medium, and large company winner in each product category — best medical device companies to work for, best pharmaceutical companies, and best biotech companies. See the full list of winners to the left or view the infographic.

About the Winners

For the first time ever, there was a tie for the overall winner: CONMED and Teleflex. Both companies are well-known in the medical device space but have pulled well ahead of the competition in employee satisfaction this year.

Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson rounded out the top companies once again. In fact, the company has been listed in the top three best places to work for five of the last six years.

The one key factor this year’s winner shared across all categories is hands down how these medical sales companies show that they value their employees as their number one resource.

What Makes Medical Sales Companies Great?

While medical sales representatives who responded to the survey said their current companies are great employers to work for, they had varied reasons for giving high marks.

When asked the most important quality in an ideal employer, 44 percent said solid product line, followed by a focus on innovation (22 percent), and brand recognition (11 percent). Medical sales reps love to work with companies that are dedicated to continually improving their product quality, while researching and implementing new products.

Medical sales is a highly-demanding field and in terms of values and culture, 76 percent of respondents said the most important aspect is work/life balance. Due to the fact that reps spend long hours in the field, they also want to have a solid relationship with co-workers. More than half of those surveyed (54 percent) said they seek companies that place value on team building and collaboration.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that medical sales is geared toward general public wellness, only 18 percent listed employee wellness initiatives as motivating factors.

Other notable values were diversity and inclusion (15 percent). Absent from previous reports, this demonstrates that positive workplace culture and environment is becoming more important to medical sales reps.

Medical Sales Job Satisfaction

In typical medical sales fashion, 76 percent of respondents said they are very or somewhat satisfied in their jobs. Respondents touted various reasons for high job satisfaction, including competitive compensation (81 percent), promotion structure (51 percent), and mentorship and coaching opportunities (31 percent).

Remarkably, more than half (61 percent) said it’s only somewhat to very unlikely they’ll leave their job in the next year. Additionally, when asked if they’re looking for a new job, 47 percent are not. This is almost a 50 percent decrease from last year’s results.

It is a great time to dig your feet into medical sales jobs. When established reps are happy in their current positions, it opens up a world of opportunities for highly qualified new talent to find satisfying careers in medical sales. 


Opportunities for medical sales professionals can be found at companies of all types and sizes. Companies like CONMED, Teleflex, and Johnson & Johnson continue to be highly sought-after employers. But there are plenty of great places to work in medical sales. These companies offer the things valued most by medical sales professionals — competitive compensation, work-life balance, and innovative products that make a difference in the lives of patients.  

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