Best Pharmaceutical Companies to Work For — 2018 Report

Pharma Giant Once Again in Top Three of Best Places to Work

Pharma reps are speaking out about the best places to work in pharmaceutical sales. In our 2018 MedReps Best Places to Work Report, we asked 868 medical sales reps to tell us why they love their jobs. This year, 16 percent responded in the pharmaceutical sales category.

Reps said they appreciate the competitive pay structure and opportunities for advancement. They also enjoy the positive workplace culture at pharma companies, including teamwork and collaboration.

For the fifth time in the survey’s history, pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson was in the top three of the best medical sales companies. Reps cited brand recognition and product portfolio as reasons they keep voting this company as a best place to work.

In addition, reps said they choose large companies like Johnson & Johnson because they can easily move to other sectors within the brand family, rather than having to start from scratch with an entirely new company.

Large Pharmaceutical: 

Medium Pharmaceutical: 

Small Pharmaceutical: 

Qualities of the Best Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharma reps value a solid product line and brand recognition. But that’s not all…

In terms of the day-to-day, overall, medical sales reps pointed to the importance of work/life balance (76 percent), opportunities for team building and collaboration (54 percent), and employee wellness initiatives (18 percent). Pharma reps, in particular, actively seek out such qualities in the companies they work for.

For example, employees of Johnson & Johnson (which also won the ‘large company’ spot as a best place to work in pharmaceutical sales) tout the company’s hands-on approach to employee relations and options for work flexibility.

Pharma Sales Job Satisfaction

Overall, medical sales job satisfaction has improved. In our 2017 report, 76 percent of respondents said it was very likely or somewhat likely that they’d leave their jobs within the year. By contrast, this year, only 39 percent reported the same. This goes to show that medical sales reps are becoming increasingly more confident in the industry and the employee satisfaction efforts of companies.

Regardless of size, medical sales reps said their companies care about them as professionals and individuals. In addition, non-employees see the powerful impact pharmaceutical sales has on clients and customers:

“Lots of innovation in a much underserved market.” (non-employee)

“They are here for their employees.” (non-employee)

“They are patient-centric!” (non-employee)


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