On The Job Sales Tips

Want Your Best Sales Quarter Yet? Disrupt Yourself.

Photo by Jordan McDonald on Unsplash

Disruptor (noun): a person or thing that prevents something, especially a system, process, or event from continuing as usual or as expected.

This definition, noted by the Cambridge English Dictionary, hits the nail on the healthcare disruption head. In fact, thanks to the industry’s ability to continue delivering the unexpected, healthcare took a spot on Forbes’ and Inc’s 2018 industry disruptors lists.  

As part of this disrupting business community, it’s time you take a stance and become a disruptor yourself. Now, if you’ve heard this term before, it’s likely been tied to a famous, multi-billion dollar entrepreneur, like Sir Richard Branson. However, evolving into a disruptor isn’t just for the rich and famous.

It’s for the innovators. The movers and shakers of the medical sales world who don’t want to hit their sales goals — they want to go beyond them. But before you become a disruptor, you must take a moment to disrupt yourself. This sounds a bit uncomfortable — and it should. To move beyond your current sales status, it’s critical you step outside of your comfort zone and take the twists and turns of the medical sales industry with force.

Start using these four tips to become the ultimate medical sales disruptor:

1.Think like a modern-day entrepreneur

In many ways, medical sales reps are living the lives of entrepreneurs. Your success relies on day-to-day sales, various economic changes can quickly impact your career, and you rely on motivation to keep your schedule and sales moving throughout the day.

You’re Sir Richard Branson’s definition of an entrepreneur, “ An entrepreneur is an innovator, a job creator, a game-changer, a business leader, a disruptor, an adventurer.”

While you may be acting like an entrepreneur in your daily activities, are you actively thinking like an entrepreneur? In today’s world, many entrepreneurs are taking on the “philanthrocapitalism” business mindset. In short, the business of doing good is good for business.

As a disruptor, you need to think like a modern-day entrepreneur. Disrupt the world of healthcare first by taking on a philanthropic activity. Every little bit you do will have a positive impact on the industry as a whole and will reignite that sales fire inside of your soul.

Incorporate your clients by assisting in fundraising efforts or collaborating in an event. Show up and be hands-on with the project. Even in this situation, when you’re not focusing on sales, clients will notice and appreciate your dedication to their cause.

2. Transform your logic

The medical sales world is disrupting all around you. New technology, medications, and procedures are bringing mindblowing innovations to improve the general public’s health every day.

Don’t just sit there while the healthcare industry disrupts all around you. Jump in and become one with the disruption.

Look around at your current sales methods, pitches, products, and technology and question yourself, “why does it have to be like this?” The answer, “it doesn’t.”

The truth is, just like an entrepreneur, you’re in charge of how you think, behave, and do business with clients. Allow yourself to question the logic behind why and how you approach daily tasks. Once you start asking yourself, give your creativity free reign on how you look at your career, position your mindset, and contact clients. By pulling yourself up out of your routine, you’ll have the freedom to take sales to a whole new level.

3. Look to the data

One of the best ways to disrupt yourself is to look at the cold, hard facts. When sales are low, clients may not be completely opening up about why they’re holding back. Don’t be content with their vague answers or hurt your client relationships by trying to pull it out of them.

Instead, power your disruption by looking at the trends. Here are a few you need to consider:

  • How are you co-workers’ sales numbers holding up?
  • What’s happening with sales throughout your industry?
  • How are your competitors doing?
  • Are industries outside of medical sales performing well?  

Once you’ve identified what’s happening all around you, you’ll be prepared to disrupt your strategy entirely. Apply the data you gathered above to your own customers to understand the potential core issues. Remember, trust your instincts. The information is meant to give you better insights, but you know your clients best. From there, form a plan, and dive right in by reconnecting with your clients.

How are you disrupting the medical sales industry? We want to know!