Best Medical Device Companies to Work For — 2018 Report

The Best Medical Device Companies According to Medical Device Sales Reps

Medical device sales reps have spoken, and these are their picks for the best medical device companies of 2018.

For the first time ever, two companies tied for the best medical sales companies, overall — and both happened to be in the medical device space: CONMED and Teleflex.

This year, 73 percent of the more than 800 medical sales reps surveyed cast their vote in the medical device category. That’s more than all other categories combined (16 percent of reps cast their vote in the pharmaceuticals category, 6 percent in biotech, and 5 percent in other). This demonstrates that medical device sales is a popular option for medical sales reps.

In fact, medical device sales reps responded that they are excited about the introduction of new devices and the ability to always be in a state of learning. In addition, reps said the products are easier to demonstrate in client meetings.

What’s more, having transferrable skills allows professionals from other work backgrounds to more easily transition into the field. Some of these workers have prior sales experience, while others bring talent from a background in customer service and client relations. Being able to build on their expertise without the need for advanced training is viewed as a selling point of getting into the industry.

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Characteristics of Top Medical Device Companies

Medical sales reps highly value the inclusive nature and positive work culture of medical device companies. They seek workplaces that offer work/life balance, team building and collaboration opportunities, and employee wellness initiatives.

Other factors are equally attractive, such as career advancement, brand recognition, and product innovation. In addition, medical sales reps are driven by the fact that they contribute to making a positive difference in people’s lives.

This year, respondents also cited diversity and inclusion (15 percent) as an important factor when considering positions and companies. This is the first time the characteristic has been included in the survey. This shows that the industry is committed to creating and fostering a workplace culture that embraces everyone and provides an exceptional employee experience.

Medical Device Sales Job Satisfaction

Yet again, more than two-thirds of overall respondents (76 percent) said they’re very satisfied or satisfied with their careers in medical sales. The high number of votes for medical device sales companies shows sales reps are empowered with the tools and training necessary to excel in their careers. 

In fact, only 13 percent of all medical sales reps surveyed said they’ve looked at other medical sales jobs but have not applied or made recruiter contact. That’s a significant decrease from the 45 percent reported in last year’s survey. This shows that even with an improving economy and more jobs available, medical sales reps are satisfied enough in their jobs to stay.

Respondents cited a direct link between their job satisfaction and the industry’s focus on product innovation, employee experience, and competitive benefits/compensation.


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