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2011 Best Places to Work: Healthcare Sales Jobs

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 Best Places to Work: Medical Device Sales Jobs

The results are in and the winner is clear – Johnson & Johnson is the best place to work when it comes to healthcare sales jobs! A recent survey asked job seekers which company they would most like to work for, and respondents named Johnson & Johnson most often – with Stryker and Medtronic coming in close behind. Multiple job seekers cited these three medical device companies as ideal employers, and current employees of Johnson & Johnson, Stryker, and Medtronic confirmed that they are, indeed, great places to work in healthcare sales.


Preferred Type of Company by Product

Brand recognition, stability, and comprehensive benefit plans were just some of the reasons why the winning companies are attractive to members. However, other, broader factors influenced the results as well – starting with the candidate’s preference for the type of products they hope to sell. . Professionals seeking positions as medical device reps wouldn’t nominate pharmaceutical companies as their ideal place to work, so in this regard, medical device companies had the edge in the survey. Over two-thirds of respondents said they are seeking jobs with medical equipment or medical device companies. 13% of respondents prefer to work for biotech companies, and 8% are seeking jobs with pharmaceutical companies. The remaining respondents are looking for jobs in laboratory/diagnostics, dental, and disposables, among others.

Ideal Type of Company by Product

When broken down by the top three product categories, Johnson & Johnson was the employer of choice for those seeking medical device companies, as well as those seeking jobs with pharmaceutical companies. Allergan was the preferred employer for those seeking jobs with biotech companies.


Preferred Type of Company By Size

Company size may also be important to job seekers. In the survey, 65% of respondents said they preferred a medium-sized company (51-999 employees). However, the majority of companies nominated could only be considered large (over 1,000 employees). So it seems while professionals may like the idea of working for a medium-sized company, they are most attracted to the brand recognition and stability that’s more often found with large companies.

Ideal Type of Company by Size


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Best Healthcare Companies – Honorable Mentions

The survey results reflect a combination of quantitative and qualitative data. Some healthcare companies may not have had very many mentions, but nominations from current employees carried a lot of weight. Consider the following endorsements by current employees of the listed healthcare companies:

“Innovative products with strong competitive advantages. Strong reputation for taking care of their employees.”

Smith & Nephew
“Great management who guide but let you grow. Growth opportunities. Deserving compensation. Friendly atmosphere and open communication.”

Abbott Labs
“Very high work ethics with credible and science based products.”

Roche Diagnostics
“Great products, good reputation, happy employees, great vacation benefits, 401k match, low-cost high-quality health benefits, low turnover, discounts and perks.”

“Good commission structure, innovative product/business plan and gross profit dollars in trying times. Growing!”

Optimer Pharmaceuticals
“Small company with a great corporate culture being developed. Great innovation and product pipeline. Focused on employees.”

“Hologic has an exceptional dynamic that includes teamwork, competitive knowledge on products and services within our company and on our competitor, has first in class products and excellent opportunities within the company to consistently move up. The pay and commission is competitive and attainable. Best part? WE ARE SAVING LIVES on a daily basis!”

From small start-ups to Fortune 100 giants, healthcare sales and marketing professionals can find opportunities with a wide variety of healthcare companies. Having an ideal employer in mind can help a job seeker to focus their search, but they may need to be somewhat flexible as they evaluate opportunities. Not everyone can work for Johnson & Johnson, Stryker, Medtronic, or Allergan, but there are plenty of other growing healthcare companies that offer competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits. If given the chance, one of those companies just might get your vote for next year’s Best Place to Work in Healthcare Sales Awards.

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