Best Cities for Device and Pharma Sales Jobs

The Best Cities for Medical Sales Jobs

You’ve been searching for a medical sales job but haven’t had much luck tracking one down. You polished your resume, communicated with contacts, and check job boards regularly, but you’re still not finding anything.

The problem could be your location. There may not be enough medical sales jobs in your city, or there could be too much competition. It’s time to expand your search to more locations, but where are all the medical sales jobs?

This infographic we’ve compiled shows the best places to look for medical sales jobs. The data shows which cities have the best job-to-candidate ratios, which ones have the most open positions, and which pay the most.

Some key points include:

Of course, it’s important to note that the exact number of job openings and the salaries associated with those jobs are constantly changing. These numbers reflect a period of time on MedReps this fall, but it’s fair to say the numbers could be representative of larger trends.

Check out the full infographic below for the best places to search for medical sales jobs.

What do you think? Which city would you relocate to for the right medical sales job?

Medical Sales Jobs in New York, San Francisco, Dallas and More.