So you don’t have medical sales experience. Many companies can overlook that as long as you have other things in your favor – such as a few years of business to business (B2B) sales experience. Why B2B sales jobs? The successful B2B salesperson has already learned what it takes to get in front of a buyer and close the sale – a skill they must possess in order to be successful in a medical sales career. Many of the larger companies put their sales force through extensive sales training programs, and many medical companies enjoy reaping the benefits by recruiting “graduates” of that company’s sales training programs.

For many hiring managers and medical device sales recruiters, B2B sales experience is a non-negotiable. In lieu of experience in medical sales, candidates simply must have a solid track record of success in B2B sales. Medical device sales recruiter Lisa McCallister says there are a few essentials that a candidate must have if they want to be considered for a sales job at the medical device company where she works. She outlines all of those prerequisites on her blog, My Job Scope. The first is a four year degree and the second is 3+ years of B2B sales experience, preferably at a larger company with a top-notch sales training program. Candidates must also have a solid history of exceeding sales targets, be students of the “sales process,” and of course, good citizens (i.e. have a clean driving record and the ability to pass a criminal background check).

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Job seekers without these qualifications will have a tough time breaking into the industry. So what does this mean for you if you don’t have business to business sales experience? Well, if you are still early in your career, it may be wise to go ahead and put in some time selling copiers or other office supplies or services. Once you have a documented history of success in B2B sales, you will be a prime candidate for medical device sales recruiters and hiring managers. Of course, if you don’t have time to make that kind of detour in pursuit of a medical sales career, you aren’t completely out of luck. There are exceptions to every rule. You will simply have to work that much harder to get in front of hiring managers and prove to them why they should make an exception for you.

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Breaking into the industry in pursuit of a medical sales career won’t be easy, but the web is full of resources to aid you in your search – including MedReps.com. With more than 9,000 medical sales jobs and a career center brimming with industry news and career articles like this one, MedReps.com is the preferred site for the job seeker pursuing a medical sales career.

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