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Small Pharma Companies Acella | Avion Continue to Be ‘One’ of the Best Places to Work in 2021

In a year of uncertainty, medical sales pros are looking to work for a company they can depend on. The best employers are those who stepped up to support their associates in this trying time, and we found out who they are.

Last year’s Small Pharma winner, Acella & Avion Pharmaceuticals, stepped up to earn the #3 spot overall Best Place to Work while also maintaining the #1 Small Pharma title. With a positive corporate culture and strong leadership, they continue to attract top talent.

But what exactly are Acella & Avion leaders doing to earn their spot on our Best Places to Work? Their team shared some insights:

The common theme in company praise from employees at Acella & Avion is ‘family,’ in and out of the workplace. In what way does Acella & Avion support employees in finding work/life balance and nurturing relationships?

The reason they can support their employees is that they truly care about every single individual in the company.

Mark Thomas, Sales Rep at Avion

“Acella & Avion has a culture that is unparalleled to any place I have worked before,” says Mark Thomas, Sales Rep at Avion. 

“There is a sense of value and worth placed on every employee extending from a first-year sales rep to the veteran employees who have been at the company for 10+ years.”

“They provide transparency which provides comfort for employees during uncertain times. With all these incredible aspects to a company, one thing that stands out above all else is the sense of belonging.”

This year, medical sales survey respondents noted commitment to diversity and inclusion as one of the most important qualities in an employer. How does Acella & Avion create a diverse and equitable culture? 

We try our best and ensure we never lose focus in trying to be a more inclusive workplace

Meenal Rathi, Vice President of Human Resources at Acella & Avion

“We pride ourselves in making that personal connection with our associates, be open-minded, support, and celebrate our associates’ differences,” says Meenal Rathi, Vice President of Human Resources at Acella & Avion. “By creating awareness and celebrating different cultures and values and having open communication from leadership and hiring a diverse talented workforce to name a few.”

The majority of respondents agree the most important quality in leadership is honesty and trustworthiness. In a world where media plays a large influence in scandals and conflict, how do Acella & Avion’s leaders prove they’re honest and trustworthy?

Every day, we strive to be honest in all that we do and run towards doing the right thing.

Art Deas, CEO at Acella & Avion

At Acella & Avion we are dedicated to having a high moral standard,” says Art Deas, CEO at Acella & Avion. “I’d proudly say we are transparent to a fault. Our leaders work and live through the philosophy of treating others the way they want to be treated.”

The majority of medical sales survey respondents say the best part of their job is making an impact or difference in the world. How does Acella & Avion make a difference in such a demanding industry?

One of our main goals is keeping the idea of common-sense medicine in all of our products.

Art Deas, CEO at Acella & Avion

“We have always been committed to searching for and finding therapeutics that can benefit the lives of patients while keeping a stronghold on fair and honest price points,” says Deas. “We aim to solve healthcare professionals’ and patient issues in the most straightforward way.”

The global pandemic has challenged every industry. This year’s respondents were overwhelmingly positive about how the Best Places to Work responded to their needs. What’s the No. 1 change Acella & Avion made to support employees during the 2020 crisis?

I am confident that we let the health & safety of our associates drive every decision that has been made in this global pandemic

Art Deas, CEO at Acella & Avion

“Throughout this trying time, with the help of our dedicated leaders and associates, Avion & Acella was able to perform record sales results. I think more than anything that shows the commitment and drive our associates demonstrated in the past 8+ months!” shares Deas.