FEATURED ARTICLE: 2016 Best Places to Work in Medical Sales

2016 Best Places to Work in Medical Sales

Where are the best medical sales jobs? And which top medical companies are viewed as the best employers? Every year, MedReps asks this question of our community in order to identify the most sought-after employer among medical sales professionals. More than 1,400 professionals took the survey. The big winner for 2016? Keep reading to find out.

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How Your Internet Footprint Can Keep You From Landing Your Dream Job


Gone are the days of recruiters simply making a few calls to check a job candidate’s credentials or playing the guessing game that comes along with deciding if someone is a good fit for a specific position.   The Internet has made researching anyone quite easy and very informative, and is quickly becoming a favorite way [ Read More...]

Ready, Set, Go! Three Steps to Landing a New Medical Sales Job


  Ready, Set, Go! Three Steps to Landing a New Medical Sales Job Dissatisfied with your current job? Suspect a new medical sales job may be just what you need? What better way to find out than to test the waters! Who knows? There may be a pharma or medical device sales job out there [ Read More...]

The Best Podcasts to Boost Your Medical Sales Career


You’re always traveling. In the car from doctor’s office to doctor’s office, hospital to hospital, it never ends. Although you love the variety of your work in medical sales, the constant traveling can get old fast. Make the most of your daily drive time by streaming podcasts. In addition to making your travels more interesting, [ Read More...]

Beyond the Resume – 3 Things You Need to Make an Impression


Your resume looks great and you’re confident that you’ll ace any interview for a medical sales position. But your resume isn’t enough. Sure, it landed you the interview, but you need to do more to make a lasting impression and get that job. You need to show you are more than what’s on that fancy [ Read More...]

Ask Linda…How Do I Break Into Medical Device Sales?


After reading last month’s column featuring medical sales recruiter and career blogger, Linda Hertz, many of you sent us questions of your own for Linda to answer. Most of these questions had a common theme – and while the specifics of each situation vary – the underlying question was often “How do I break into [ Read More...]

You Need to Look for More than Strong Numbers in New Hires

StockSnap; Pixabay

When it comes to hiring for medical sales jobs, you think you’ve got your interview strategy down. You ask a few questions, but mostly you want to see the numbers. You need to know if a candidate has the chops your company needs. But strong numbers alone aren’t an indicator that a candidate is the [ Read More...]

MedReps Recap: Medical Device Trends You Need to Know


Every month, MedReps brings you the top news in pharma and medical devices you need to know to be successful in your medical sales job. These articles highlight the latest trends, to help you stay up-to-date and on top of your game. Stay tuned to the MedReps blog, as we discuss these topics in detail.

This is Why You Need to Reply to Applicants Now


If you’ve been hiring medical sales professionals for any length of time, you are likely well versed in what it takes to write an attractive medical sales job posting. If you’ve written the job posting well, the applications will start rolling in – sometimes even more than you bargained for. Hopefully, only candidates matching your [ Read More...]

Does Your Medical Sales Resume Pass the 6-Second Test?


How to write your medical sales resume like a newspaper article and pass the 6-second scan test. The term “resume reading” should be obsolete in today’s job market. Given that the average reader spends between 6 and 20 seconds on the first pass, we should really refer to it as “resume scanning.” The idea of [ Read More...]

This is Why You Never Hear Back from Recruiters


You sent out a promising job application to a recruiter and you feel really good about it — you’re a great match for the job! You anxiously wait by your phone and check your email multiple times a day, but you don’t hear back. Days pass, weeks, and still nothing. In fact, you never hear [ Read More...]

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