FEATURED ARTICLE: 2015 Best Places to Work in Medical Sales

2015 Best Medical Sales Jobs

The MedReps.com community has voted and the results are in. Approximately 1,400 medical sales professionals participated in the 4th Annual Best Places to Work Survey, weighing in on what company they’d most like to work for and why.

Find out who claimed the top spots in our 2015 Best Places to Work in Medical Sales list.

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5 Reasons the Rep-less Medical Device Sales Model Won’t Stick

Medical Device Sales Reps not Welcome

On any given day, in operating rooms across the country, surgeons look to medical device sales reps to guide them through complex procedures. Although a patient undergoing a total knee or hip replacement may not realize it, a medical device rep from the implant’s manufacturer is usually in the operating room providing guidance and offering [ Read More...]

A Day in the Life of a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Pharmaceutical sales rep

The job of a pharmaceutical sales representative is a highly desired one. With a high salary, excellent benefits and perks, and the potential for growth, it’s easy to see why. In fact, our 2014 Salary Report found that, on average, pharmaceutical sales reps earn $111,476 each year. What do these high-earners actually do each day? What does [ Read More...]

15 Reasons to Love MedReps

We love MedReps

Celebrating 15 years of medical sales jobs Way back in the year 2000, a few forward-thinking medical sales recruiters started MedReps.com to help them connect with professionals seeking medical sales jobs. 15 years and thousands of referrals later, MedReps is still the go-to job site for medical sales. In honor of our 15th anniversary, we [ Read More...]

How to Find Medical Sales Jobs in a New City

Travel Destination

If you’re looking for medical sales jobs in a new city, you’re not alone. When asked about the most challenging part of the job search, 35 percent of medical sales job seekers said there weren’t enough jobs in their area. Searching for medical sales jobs in a new city is the easy part, but landing the [ Read More...]

How to Eliminate Age Bias and Find the Best Talent

Senior businessman in front of laptop having a headache

The workforce is aging, and more and more professionals are working past the age of retirement. In a survey of professionals aged 45 to 74 conducted by AARP in 2013, seven in 10 respondents plan to work during retirement. Unfortunately, 64 percent of these individuals said they have experienced ageism at work or when looking [ Read More...]

Cardinal Health Sales Jobs: What It Takes to Land an Offer


            What Does it Take to Get a Cardinal Health Sales Job What does it take to land a sales job at one of the largest healthcare companies in the world? MedReps asked Lindsey Minderler, Talent Acquisition Manager at Cardinal Health, and Matthew Kohut, SVP of Product & Service Sales, [ Read More...]

15 Years of Innovation [INFOGRAPHIC]


In 2000, a group of medical sales recruiters founded MedReps.com to connect with experienced medical sales professionals. The first users found success on the site and spread the word to their friends and colleagues. Fifteen years later, we’re still helping medical sales recruiters and skilled industry professionals find each other. A lot has changed since [ Read More...]

MedReps.com Review: One Candidate’s Job Search Success Story

Successful Medical Sales Candidate

Success Story: “You create your career path.” Case Study: Sean Hastings, a MedReps.com member, began a new medical sales job in December of 2014, after just under 6 months of searching on MedReps.com Quick Stats: Member of MedReps.com < 6 months Total Job Applications Submitted: 150 in 5 months Job Applications Submitted on MedReps.com: 50+ [ Read More...]

CONMED Case Study

conmed thumb

The Takeaway CONMED finds experienced candidates easier and faster with MedReps.com Using the database, CONMED easily finds and contacts candidates they couldn’t connect with using other sites On average, for every 10 applicants, CONMED finds about five quality candidates CONMED uses both the resume database and job board as an essential part of their sales [ Read More...]

Ageism in the Workplace: The Age Bias in Hiring for Medical Sales

Hiring Older Medical Sales Reps

Does the Medical Sales Industry Have an Age Bias? Whoever said, “Life begins at 40,” clearly wasn’t looking for a job in medical sales. In fact, for medical sales job seekers, something else altogether seems to begin at 40; the sad reality of age discrimination. Of course, it’s not something anyone likes to think about [ Read More...]

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