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8 of the Best Blogs for Successful Medical Sales Reps

Digital Dictionary Blog Follow Like ConceptHealthcare is always changing. New devices, medications, and regulations are constantly shaking up the industry, changing the needs of physicians and health systems.

Whether you’re in medical device sales or pharma sales, you need to keep abreast of the latest news and trends to be an effective medical sales representative. But you’re busy. You don’t have time to dig through website after website looking for the most relevant information.

Good news! We’ve done the hard work for you. Here are the top blogs medical sales reps should read to stay on top of industry trends and remain knowledgeable and effective:

1. is an online journal that provides news and information for the medical device industry. The site covers trends, sales, jobs, legislation, and more within the industry organized into different blogs on the site.

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2. FierceMedicalDevices

Published by FierceMarkets, FierceMedicalDevices focuses on case studies, FDA/EMEA regulations, and new technologies. The site provides a wealth of information for medical device sales representative.

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3. FiercePharma

A sister site to FierceMedicalDevices, FiercePharma focuses on news and trends in pharmaceuticals and pharma business. The site provides pharmaceutical company news and trends surrounding FDA approved products.

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4. Medgadget

Medgadget is the place to go for the latest news on emerging technology, new medical gadgets, and the latest discoveries in the industry. Written by physicians and biomedical engineers, the content is well researched and reliable. Knowing what technology coming down the pipeline helps you be more knowledgeable of the field and stay ahead of industry trends and expectations.

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5. ePharma

The ePharma Summit blog focuses on news and trends surrounding pharmaceutical digital marketing. From social media tips to insights on the changing healthcare landscape, the blog can give you a better idea of how to connect with providers and boost your pharma sales success.

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6. Medical Product Manufacturing News (MPMN)

Published by Qmed, MPMN provides news on the latest medical devices and innovations. Although the blog is targeted for medical device engineers and manufacturing personnel, not a medical sales representative, it can provide a deeper understanding of the devices you sell now and the ones you will sell in the future.

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7. Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MD+DI)

MD+DI publishes content online and in print targeted for medical device manufacturers. The articles are designed to help medtech professionals create products that meet the needs of the marketplace and current regulations. The blog’s news and knowledge of industry trends can keep you informed and relevant in the ever-changing medical devices industry.

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8. MedCityNews

MedCityNews centers on the business side of healthcare. The website offers news and analysis of organizations from promising startups to industry leaders, and provide coverage on new policies, business deals, and the latest viewpoints.

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What blogs are on your must-read list? Which provide the most valuable information for a medical sales representative?