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6 Cost-Effective Tools For Your Medical Sales Job Hunt

Preparing to apply for medical sales jobs requires more than just an updated resume and a detailed cover letter. You also need a number of different tools in order to successfully interview for jobs and stay organized so you don’t miss out on submitting an assessment on time. Thankfully, many of these tools are inexpensive or even free, making them even better for assisting you with your job hunt.

Ready to find out which tools will make you more successful? These six are some of the top ones you’ll definitely want to check out.

1) Zoom and Other Video Conferencing Tools

Rather than have candidates come into the office for their first interview or initial screening, many recruiters, human resources workers and managers prefer video interviews. These are usually done via a free video-conferencing app or program like Zoom, Google Meet or even Skype. All you need is access to the correct option, which the interviewer will inform you of when your interview is scheduled. This way, you have time to install the program or ensure your version of it is up and running properly.

2) The LinkedIn Mobile App

Did you know LinkedIn has a mobile app? They do! Not only can you take advantage of the many networking opportunities and job searching tools through the social networking site while on your computer, but you can do so on the go as well. This makes it easy to hunt for and apply for jobs, respond to emails and update your skills and connections from just about anywhere. After all, time is of the essence when it comes to applying for medical sales jobs. The sooner you get your application in, the better.

3) Google Calendar and Related Apps

Keeping all of your appointments, interviews and assessment deadlines can be tricky. Add in deadlines for specific job applications and it’s easy to become an overwhelmed job seeker. Finding a medical sales job isn’t always easy, since you may have to go through several rounds of interviews before you receive an offer. In order to keep everything organized and avoid missing important deadlines, take advantage of a free calendar service, like Google Calendar. There are plenty of other calendar apps out there as well, so take your pick and choose one you like.

4) Ring Lights

You want to look your best during those video interviews, so investing in some ring lights is always a clever idea. Ring lights can be purchased cheaply online and they do the job of softening the light around your face so those dark circles and other imperfections aren’t as visible. There’s a reason why influencers on sites like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, use them regularly. Having a ring light in place definitely beats fussing with the natural lighting in your home office until it’s perfect.

5) High-Speed Internet

Can you do anything without high-speed internet these days? The answer is pretty much “no.” Although a solid, high-speed internet connection sounds expensive, you can always access free Wi-Fi services at coffee shops, libraries and more. They may not be the best places for video interviews, but they can ensure your connection to Zoom is solid and doesn’t lag or freeze. Of course, since you’ll be working in medical sales, possibly from your home office at least some of the time, it’s crucial to have a good internet connection. Proving you have one may be part of your interviewer’s goals.

6) Job Search Sites

Obviously, it can be tough to find a medical sales job without job search sites. There are plenty of options out there, ranging from employers who post jobs on LinkedIn to those that prefer Indeed,, or any one of the many others out there. In addition, you’ll come across specialty job sites that only feature employers from one particular field, in this case, medical sales. The more of these sites you frequent, sign up for or upload your resume to, the better your odds of getting a job.

An Additional Tip

On top of the many tools described above, there’s another one that may come in handy: Google Sheets. This online spreadsheet tool allows you to track which jobs you’ve applied to, which employers you’ve heard from, list various details like which resume or cover letter you used, and more. Sometimes, the key to your job-hunting success is simply that you need to organize your job search and this is a beneficial option!