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5 Promising Places to Look for Medical Sales Jobs

View Infographic: Where are the Medical Sales Jobs?If you’re having trouble finding your next medical sales job, your location may be the problem. In fact, our Job Search Tactics and Frustrations survey found that 35 percent of professionals surveyed said there aren’t enough medical sales jobs in their location.

So where are all the medical sales jobs? We did some research to find out. Our data uncovered the hot spots and looked at the number of open jobs, the competition for those jobs, and the average compensation in cities around the U.S.

Here are some of the top cities to find medical sales jobs:


San Francisco

San Francisco may be one of the best places to look for medical sales jobs, as the city has the highest percentage of opportunities per job seeker. At the time of our study, the job-per-candidate ratio for the city is 1.85, meaning there are almost two jobs available for every candidate. Looking at the raw numbers, 244 jobs are currently listed on MedReps in San Francisco, and there are 132 candidates vying for these positions.

Although the city is known for its high living expenses, salaries for medical sales jobs are above average. Our 2015 Medical Sales Salary Report found that professionals with medical sales jobs take home an average annual income of $141,464. The average salary for medical sales jobs in San Francisco is $147,640.

New York

New York City offers the highest number of medical sales jobs, but there’s a lot of competition for those jobs. There are 651 jobs listed in the Big Apple, and 406 candidates who want those positions. Even with the large number of candidates, the city has the second highest jobs-per-candidate ratio of 1.60.

Although New York City offers opportunities, they come at a price. The average salary for medical sales jobs in New York City is $139,961, just under the national average, according to our research.


Boston has fewer medical sales jobs available than New York City, but offers higher salaries in a less crowded city. The jobs-to-candidate ratio is the third highest among the cities we analyzed at 1.33 jobs for every candidate. There are 215 available medical sales jobs in Boston, and 162 candidates in the city.

Boston is among the top four highest paying cities when it comes to medical sales jobs. The average medical sales salary in the city is $157,794, well above the national average.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles has more competition for medical sales jobs, but high incomes make the job search in the city worth your time. The jobs-to-candidate ratio is lower than the other cities on this list at .90. There are 282 available medical sales jobs in Los Angeles, but 313 candidates are looking to snag these opportunities.

However, Los Angeles offers the second highest salary among the cities we analyzed. On average, medical sales professionals in the city take home an annual income of $173,205.


Philadelphia offers medical sales professionals opportunities and above-average salaries in a mid-sized market. The jobs-to-candidate ratio is just under one job for every applicant at .94. There are 254 medical sales jobs in Philadelphia listed on MedReps and 268 candidates applying for the roles.

The City of Brotherly Love offers among the top five salaries, and medical sales professionals in the city earn an average income of $154,659 annually.


Although medical sales jobs may seem difficult to find in certain locations, opportunities abound in cities around the country. Consider broadening your job search to new locations to find the right job for you.


What do you think? Would you reconsider moving to one of these cities for medical sales opportunities?