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5 Marketing Trends You Need to Add to Your Sales Strategy

It’s getting harder and harder to differentiate between sales and marketing. A good medical sales rep will have both tactics available to help them make the sale and connect with customers. This means you’ll need to learn the newest marketing trends and adapt them into your sales pitch. 

Below, we’ll cover five of the top marketing trends of 2020 that medical sales professionals should know. In part two of this series, we’ll discuss how to incorporate each marketing trend into your sales strategy. 

1. Personalization is key

Personalization will be an increasing marketing trend in 2020. With so many sources competing for our attention, consumers are more likely to give their eyes (and wallets) to those speaking to them personally.

Whether it’s an individualized email communication or a customized recommendation on the latest streaming platform, personalization is everywhere. Did you notice how many people shared their most played songs of 2019 from Spotify? That’s just one example of personalization in action. 

A survey of 1,000 consumers reported that 90% found personalization appealing. More important for your sales strategies, 80% said they’d be more likely to give their business to a company offering them a personalized experience. If you want to enhance your sales strategy in 2020, it’s time to learn from effective examples of meaningful personalization.  

2. Follow the data

Today’s marketing is increasingly data-driven. Marketers use data to determine what performs best on social media, what content people want to read, and what ads people are clicking. One Forbes report showed that 78% of organizations either already have, or are developing, a customer data platform to help manage, analyze, and leverage data in their company. This data-driven trend is only likely to increase and could be a way to refine and target your sales strategy. 

Marketers treasure their data because the more they know about their customers, the better they can create winning sales and strategies. Smart marketers know that the first step to developing successful strategies is to use data wisely. From targeting social media ads to the perfect audience to creating a streamlined sales funnel to increase leads, utilizing analytics is a marketing trend that becomes more important every year. 

3. Get visual

As time passes, visual communication continues to make its mark as one of the top marketing trends. From infographics to Instagram live videos, effective visuals can tell a full and compelling story. This is probably why 65% of executives visit the marketer’s website and 39% call a vendor after viewing a video. And an impressive 72% of companies say that video has improved their overall conversion rate. 

It turns out the old idiom is true; a picture really does say a thousand words. Humans are visual creatures, and that’s important to keep in mind for your sales strategy. In 2020, creating the right visuals just might be your key to sales success. 

4. Conversational marketing brings you closer

Conversational marketing is one of the most significant up-and-coming trends of the new year. In our fast-paced, digital-everything culture, we now expect everything quickly. When consumers have a question, 82% want an immediate response. People no longer wait around complacently for a call — they need information right away. 

The growth of conversational marketing parallels our omnichannel experience of most companies and brands. Consumers now have multiple touchpoints with brands, and they expect them to be ready for a conversation at all times. If your sales plan doesn’t account for the rise in conversational marketing, you might find that other medical sales reps who embrace this new trend are leaving you in the dust.  

5. Influence with influencer marketing

You might not have a Jenner or a Kardashian at your disposal, but odds are you can still cash in on influencer marketing trends anyway. The rise of influencers means that consumers are turning to new channels to discover what products and services to purchase. According to a recent report by Edelman, 58% of people have bought a new product in the past six months because of an influencer’s recommendation. 

Using influencers to increase sales is a strategy that is here to stay. Since many businesses have found success with influencer strategies, spending for this category has risen dramatically every year. More and more companies are adding influencer marketing to their strategic 2020 goals because they realize the value influencers can bring when it comes to building brand awareness.  

When developing your 2020 sales strategy, remember that you can learn from the success of popular marketing strategies. Leveraging the right trends might just be the best way to improve your sales efforts in the new year. 

Stay tuned for part two of this series, where we dive into how medical sales reps can use these marketing trends to increase sales results.

What marketing trends are you looking to add to your sales strategy this year? Share in the comments!