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5 Influencers Every Medical Sales Professional Needs to Follow Now

Medical sales isn’t for everyone. Even if you have the necessary skills, building and maintaining a successful career is tough.

This is where influencers come in.

Influencers have a large following on social media for good reason. They provide content that is centered on their expertise, and their followers gain value from what they share.

Fortunately, there are some great sales experts worth connecting with. The best influencers provide valuable insights that medical sales professionals can use in their daily lives. And applying this knowledge helps you advance your career.

Here are five influencers every medical sales professional needs to follow:

Trish Bertuzzi

Twitter Followers: 24.5k

“Just heard this awesome line from @SalesGravy If you are in sales, now is the time to ‘ditch your wishbone and grow a backbone.’ Those who don’t ask don’t get. Love it!!”

This quote sums up Bertuzzi’s Twitter presence. She curates an awesome selection of content based on sales development, sharing insights from several other thought leaders.  

Not to mention, her knowledge and experience is impressive. In 1998, she started The Bridge Group, Inc., working with tech companies to improve their inside sales strategies. Aside from her amazing track record of satisfied customers, she’s affiliated with several boards.

She also wrote The Sales Development Playbook: Build Repeatable Pipeline and Accelerate Growth with Inside Sales. Many sales professionals consider this a must-read, made evident by the rave reviews on Amazon.

Steli Efti

Twitter Followers: 11.3k

“Think/act in 30-year-timelines when dealing with people.”

Between sharing awesome sales content and truth-bombs like the one above, Efti is a must-follow. He’s an expert in the startups and sales space and currently acts as CEO of, an inside sales CRM for small businesses.

He blogs regularly on the company’s website, covering topics like inbound funnels, B2B cold calling, and email templates. He’s quite active on LinkedIn as well.

Also worth noting, he’s a renowned international speaker and author of several books.

John Barrows

Twitter Followers: 7.9k

“If you have an ego you’re not going to get very far in sales or in life in my opinion. However, if you have confidence you can achieve almost anything. People gravitate towards confidence and want to be a part of it.”

This quote comes from a recent blog post from Barrows’ website. He calls this part of his website the Make It Happen Blog.

Barrows creates content regularly, sharing how to connect with prospects, overcome common obstacles, stay in the loop with sales trends, and other basic career and productivity advice.

Aside from his thought leadership pieces, he’s best known for this sales training. He offers assistance for both individual sales professionals and teams. His training covers all the bases, from building up your pipeline to closing out deals.

Jamie Shanks

Twitter Followers: 9.4k

“My WHY: enable millions of sales pros to transition from analog to a digital world.”

His Twitter bio says it all — Shanks is a leading voice in both social selling and digital selling. As the CEO of Sales For Life, he stays busy.

Their company blog includes a lot of content from him, featuring how to add to your sales pipeline, leverage social channels like LinkedIn, and build your personal brand, among many other topics.

Shanks also shares a lot of his company’s content and other thought leadership pieces via Twitter. Outside the social media world, you can learn from his book Social Selling Mastery: Scaling Up Your Sales and Marketing Machine for the Digital Buyer. It provides a framework for you to engage and build relationships with buyers.  

Aaron Ross

Twitter Followers: 15.9k

“‘Fast’ is one of the most-overhyped and over-valued traits in our society today…”

As the author of two books, Ross likes to write. You can find a lot of knowledge on his LinkedIn profile, where he challenges status quo thinking and raises important questions about sales tactics, like outbound.

On his Twitter, you’ll find a lot of shared content on leadership, prospecting, and sales. But his expertise is in predictive sales strategies, which is addressed in his latest book, From Impossible To Inevitable: How Hyper-Growth Companies Create Predictable Revenue.

Fortunately for medical sales reps, it doesn’t take much to connect with influencers nowadays. These influencers can make a big impact on every medical sales professional and guide them to meaningful careers.

It all starts with one click. From there, you’re ready to grow.

What influencers do you follow? Share in the comments!