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5 Important Tools Every Medical Sales Representative Needs

A medical sales representative’s goal is to serve medical practitioners in the best way possible. To accomplish this goal, a sales representative will use the best resources available especially now that technology has made everything easy.


Below is a list of tools to make a medical sales representative’s life easier.


5 Medical Sales Representative Tools to Help Boost Performance


  1. Social Media Networks

Creating an online presence is crucial for medical sales representatives nowadays. This shows prospects or existing clients you are active in the medical industry. You can utilize social media platforms to share helpful content related to the medical field so you can build rapport with your audience.

Having a presence on social media will help you connect with potential clients effectively. Two of the many social media sites you can penetrate are Facebook and LinkedIn. There are about 2 billion active users on Facebook alone and in LinkedIn, around 300 million users.

Of course, not all these active users can be your potential clients, but you will most likely find your market in these numbers.




Today, Facebook is one of the biggest social networking sites there is. This platform can help you create brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. Facebook users check through their feed daily. Some people use it even during work.

The platform offers several features that can be useful in building your pipeline, such as commenting or liking a post, promoting events, and creating groups connected to the products you sell.




While Facebook is more of a casual networking site, LinkedIn, on the other hand, is more professional. You can expand your network by connecting with other professionals using the platform. You can showcase your awards, education, work experience, and even hobbies in your LinkedIn profile.

There are also groups you can join where users are sharing ideas. This feature will be beneficial in building your prospects by interacting actively with the group members and showcasing the products you offer that can help them with their particular needs.


  1. Mobile Devices

Mobile devices such as cellular phones or iPads provide medical sales representatives the advantage of getting in touch with prospects or existing clients anytime, anywhere. You can communicate with these devices through calls, text messages, or emails.

You can also do visual presentations with your clients by sharing videos or graphics that may build up your pitch.


  1. Mobile Apps

Medical sales representatives can maximize the use of their mobile devices with some of the useful mobile apps they can easily download on their devices. Here are a few apps to help you get started:




Beaconstac is a QR code generator that can be very helpful for medical sales representatives in creating custom QR codes they can use for marketing. QR codes can be a medical sales reps’ business card substitute.

Beaconstac’s vCard QR codes are one of their features where you can have a digital business card version. You can generate a QR code and add it to your business card. Doing so will allow prospects and existing clients to save your details on their smartphones in an instant.




Medical sales representatives often track their expenses for their reimbursements. Expensify is a great tool to automate your expense reporting. This can also be useful not only to sales reps but also to their employers. This app is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices.




Medical sales representatives usually have trouble with time management, especially when meeting clients lined up in a day. With Mapview, you can plan your route, which can be helpful in daily sales trips.

Planning routes for your meetings will help you efficiently plot schedules for a day. You can map all your appointments with Mapview to see the best path during your customer visits.

This mobile app is available for download on iOS devices, and you can subscribe to their services for as low as $11.99 a month.


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  1. CRM Platform

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is a tool you can use to track important details such as customer information and prospects all in one location. You can craft sales funnels according to your needs and group leads to help you achieve faster revenue.

Using a CRM platform can also save you a lot of time filling out details after every meeting.


  1. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tools can help you nurture prospects through emails or by manually posting content to your social media networks. Medical sales reps like medical practitioners have hectic work schedules.

Juggling tasks such as client meetings, finding new prospects, and maintaining social media presence can be daunting. Marketing automation can help you better engage with your prospects, schedule and publish social media content, or send out emails automatically.

Additionally, you can also set campaigns to track analytics and engagements. Some of the marketing automation tools you can use are MailChimp and Hootsuite.




This marketing automation tool is used by small businesses to send out a large number of emails to big companies and organizations. It has several customizable pre-made templates you can use to suit your brand needs.

The platform is user-friendly, and you can navigate through it quickly. Sending email blasts using MailChimp can save you a lot of time rather than sending them one by one. Additionally, MailChimp provides detailed analytics to every email campaign you send out.

MailChimp is quite affordable too — paid subscription for marketing purposes starts at $9.99.




Hootsuite is a platform you can use for managing your social media networks. With this tool, you can easily create and schedule social media content in advance rather than doing it manually.

You will not have to worry about forgetting to publish content for your social media networks. Hootsuite will do it automatically for you whenever and wherever you want to.

Being a medical sales representative is genuinely challenging. However, they are one of the most dedicated individuals one can know. From keeping lasting relationships with prospects to bringing income to their companies, medical sales reps can sometimes be exhausting. This list of tools can help lighten their workloads and make them more efficient.

What’s your go-to tool as a medical sales representative? Sound off in the comments section below!


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