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5 Critical Sections to Focus on When Writing a Healthcare Sales Resume


To stand out in today’s strong yet competitive healthcare sales job search market, a killer resume can tip the scales between getting called or ignored. Make sure pharma and medical device hiring managers are impressed by focusing special attention to these 5 key sections of your healthcare sales resume:

#1 Contact

While the contact section may seem insignificant, you’d be surprised at the impression it can make. The devil is in the details here — from avoiding the impression that you are dated by replacing your AOL email with a gmail to including your LinkedIn URL to show that you are up-to-speed on networking technology.

Together with information you’d expect to see, like your first and last name, a contact number (just mobile – no need to include work/home as well), set the stage for a strong first impression.

#2 Career Title

When placed directly below your contact information, the headline spells out loud and clear that you are targeting specific roles.

Add or delete specific words to transform your healthcare sales resume from industry-specific to industry-neutral. Here’s an example:

Medical Device Director v. Cardiology Medical Device Director

#3 Summary

This section is key to spoon feeding for the reader how you are an ideal choice for the role in question. It replaces the “objective” statement of yesterday, contains details unique to you, and weaves in language that speaks directly to job postings of interest.

Avoid generic phrasing or adjective-laden wording. For instance, stating you “Catapulted a bottom-ranked team to #1 in 10 months” is much more compelling than stating you have a “strong track record of sales success”

#4 Skills

Here’s your chance to show the reader all the areas for which you are a subject matter expert! In pharma, this would be the place to include your disease state expertise. If you are in medical device sales, you might want to include terms like “OR Instruction.”

Focus on industry- or job function-related skills like “Contract Negotiations” and “C-Level Presentations” rather than soft skills like “Multitasker” or “Targeted Communications.”

Stuck on what to include? A great place to locate key words are at the bottom of job postings — usually under the header of “Qualifications.”

#5 Career Overview

During the first review, this section will be skimmed rather than poured over with a fine-toothed comb. After reviewing your title, company name, and years of employment, count on only the first paragraph or section getting read.

Make it count by leading your healthcare sales resume off with a sentence that explains how you left your mark or one of your greatest achievements. In the world of healthcare sales, numbers speak volume, which is why I always recommend including stats or figures to quantify your achievement as much as possible.


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