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5 Cliche Sales Phrases Recruiters Should Always Avoid

We’re all guilty of using cliche phrases and business jargon in the workplace. According to the American Express OPEN Get Business Done survey, 64% of American workers use jargon and 28% reported to have used it everyday. In medical sales recruiting, defaulting to these canned phrases can make even the greatest opportunity sound like a big turnoff. 


Because recruiting in itself is a sales job. This can be challenging in medical sales recruiting when you are tasked with attracting top talent to the industry who recognize “typical” sales strategies. When recruiting sales reps, it’s best to be direct in communicating your job role expectations

To avoid discouraging qualified candidates with cliches too close to the sales playbook, here are five phrases to steer clear of:

This is a unique opportunity

The truth is your opportunity is not that unique and your recruit knows it. Sales reps are one of the most heavily recruited jobs and competition has only increased thanks to virtual work becoming more popular. You may have a great opportunity, but chances are it’s not really special.

A potential recruit is more interested in hearing what makes it stand out. Is it the clients? The benefits? The culture? Describe the specifics to spark interest and to hold their attention.

We empower our sales reps

“Empower” is just a generic sales rep term to make your audience “feel good.”

Avoid this language and instead provide specific examples of the relationship between leaders and reps. Keep your candidate engaged by showing how your teams achieve results and exceed goals.

We want you to hit the ground running

This common phrase can make a candidate feel like they may already be behind for a job they haven’t even started yet. 

Skip this phrase altogether. Explain what the expectations will be for the new hire in the first few months to avoid any confusion. A qualified candidate that understands and meets your job requirements will already be able get to work quickly.

We want someone who can think outside the box

“Thinking outside the box” is a popular cliche that both sales reps and recruiters use. Sales reps say it to their clients to get them to think differently about a product. Recruiters say it when they’re looking for a candidate who is creative.

Leave out the overused cliche and instead ask candidates to share an example of creative problem-solving in their work history. This will allow candidates to show examples, share their results, and create conversation with recruiters.

I’m not trying to sell you here

Let’s be honest — yes, you are. You know it, and the recruit knows it.

Transparency is key to recruiting sales reps. This phrase is not needed if you are being honest and upfront about the benefits of the opportunity and where there is room to negotiate.

And the grand finale: buzzwords! 

“Innovative, Revolutionary, Leading, Cutting Edge, Move the Needle, Game Changer and Disruptor” 

Remember you are speaking to a sales professional — they already know and understand these buzzwords are meaningless corporate bable. Don’t try to convince them with language they are all too familiar with in their field.

Buzzwords are less effective because they are not specific. Sales reps know this. Ditch them and demonstrate by example. When recruiters communicate clearly and directly, they are more likely to select the right candidate for the job.

What are some sales cliche phrases in medical sales recruiting that you avoid?