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4 Steps to a Targeted Sales Resume

Transform a Generic Sales Resume Into One that Shows Perfect Medical Sales Job Alignment

On target sales resume

When looking for your next medical sales job, it may be tempting to not limit yourself by creating a slightly generic resume designed to appeal to both medical device jobs and pharma sales jobs.

While it is great to be a jack-of-all-trades and show skills that are transferable across both healthcare sales arenas– generic resumes often are so diluted the reader is hard-pressed to determine how you are a great fit for a specific sales job.

Customizing your sales resume in a few key areas requires a bit of work but will guide the reader to see how your skills align perfectly with the job at hand.

#1 Customized Headline

By modifying your headline based on the specific medical sales job for which you are applying, the reader can quickly determine that you are aiming for a specific role.

For instance, if you are applying for a pharmaceutical sales manager job, make sure your headline reads “Pharmaceutical Sales Manager.” If your experience is in cardio medical devices make sure that the headline shows this too.

 #2 Keyword and Key Phrase-Rich Branding Paragraph

Refer to specific job postings of interest and look for key phrasing and terms unique to a role. Skip the soft-skills like “great multi-tasker” or “excellent communications” as these apply to all roles.

If there are qualifications clearly critical to this role and you possess them – make sure your branding paragraph says so and backs it up with stats.

For instance if the pharma sales job asks for someone who can grow territories, make sure yours reads something like “grew sales territory 30% in two years.” If being a top-ranked pharma rep is listed as a preferred qualification and you are the proud recipient of President’s Club awards, make sure this verbiage makes it into your branding paragraph.

#3 On-Point Headers

Swap generic headers like “Experience” or “Career Overview” for headers that reinforce for the reader the role for which you are applying. To stick with the pharma sales example, yours might read “Pharmaceutical Leadership Experience.”

#4 Ranked Bullets

Remember that when readers are pressed for time or are scanning the resume for the first time they often only read the first bullet during the first pass.

If they happen to have more time they are then most likely to read the last bullet. Because the details in the middle often get pushed aside for a second read, make sure your achievements that pack the biggest punch appear first and last under your job experience.

In preparation for a potential second read, move your job description bullets up or down based on the job for which you are applying.

Virginia Franco– By Virginia Franco, NCRW, CPRW

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