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4 Steps for Creating a Medical Sales Comeback Plan

Once COVID-19 passes, many people in the medical industry — especially medical sales reps — will need to jump back into work. However, you’ll be starting fresh in unknown territory. Clients’ needs have shifted, your team’s way of working has evolved, and there will probably be other changes you aren’t expecting in your medical sales job.

Here are a few tips to create the ultimate comeback plan now, so that you’re ready to move forward in your career when the crisis passes:

1. Assess your customers’ new pain points

This pandemic has impacted every business and person differently, and maybe even changed them. The best thing to do first is approach your clients as if they’re brand new to you.

Don’t assume that your old strategies will still be applicable. Instead, ask about their current challenges and goals, and provide new strategies based on this new direction. Re-evaluate the profile of your target customer and re-evaluate competitors. Everything has changed about your medical sales job, so it’s important to keep that in mind during all steps of your process.

It’s also important to put some extra effort into nurturing relationships with your clients. Make sure you relate to them on a human level, rather than just transactional. This added attention to your clients’ needs will benefit you in the long run as work returns over time.

2. Be adaptable 

While work is going to come back, it’s crucial to remember that we’re not going to go “back to normal.” It will be a new normal, so you have to be ready for what that looks like. Be flexible and adaptable in all interactions. It will take companies time to figure out what exactly getting back to work means for them. 

During this pandemic, we all learned what business can be accomplished from home. We’ve had to implement virtual ways of working with clients and managing projects. Continue some of those practices in this new era to keep up the efficiency and safety that they have allowed.

In addition to day-to-day changes you’ve already made, identify other long-term efficiencies you might implement. For example, are there ways you can package and deliver your orders differently than before? How often do you actually need to travel to accomplish your sales goals? 

You don’t have to stick to your old rules. It’s a new way of working for you too. 

3. Focus on your data

Knowing that you will likely take a hit in sales, use this time to focus on starting fresh. Identify what you are accomplishing now, rather than what you thought you’d achieve before the pandemic. Your key performance indicators might be less aggressive than they were before, and that’s OK. 

Be transparent with your team about your data. Look for trends month over month and quarter over quarter to start increasing sales from here on out. Also, take some time to compare your new metrics to market indicators. Your medical sales job goals can continue to shift as we move more and more into the new normal.

4. Set new and attainable targets

Once you understand the current state of your data, set new and attainable goals. With the new work environments, new client needs, and new sales processes, identify checkpoints along the way to success in order to stay motivated.

It’s important to cycle through these tips as you continue to adjust your way of working over the coming months. Continue to adapt, review your data, and set new targets. Learn to be comfortable in this time of change.