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Build Your 30-60-90 Day Sales Plan [Template]

Interviewing for a new medical sales role can be intimidating. You need to stand out among a sea of qualified candidates who may come to the table with more experience, top sales numbers, and a book of clients who trust them. 

Fear not! We can help you turn your anxiety into confidence. After polishing your resume and practicing interview questions, finish your prep work by creating one of the most valuable interview tools: a 30-60-90 day sales plan. 

Writing out a plan for the first 30, 60, and 90 days of your medical sales job not only demonstrates your initiative but also creates a guiding path for your success. Here’s how to build a 30-60-90 day sales plan to win your next job:

Organizing your plan 

Break down your 30-60-90 day plan into three separate categories (shown below). Visualize yourself in this role and be as specific as you can when writing about each milestone. Sure, this will require some guesswork since you’re not fully aware of the ins and outs of the company’s processes and products. However, filling in what you can and anticipating expectations shows the hiring manager that you’re a forward-thinker.  

Knowledge base: Days 1-30

In the first 30 days of the job, you’ll build up your knowledge base. You want to learn as much as possible about the organization and its products. 

In your action plan for developing this expertise, be sure to cover:

  • What information is crucial to know from the get-go? 
  • How do you prioritize your time? 
  • What kind of support do you need to help you learn? 
  • What background knowledge do you bring to the table already?

Customer base: Days 31-60

During your first 60 days, you’ll begin developing your customer base and pipeline. For your plan, research the company’s current customers. How will you retain these customers? How will you build new relationships? Be specific: Note strategies you’ve found effective in past sales roles and best practices you’ve learned from your co-workers.

Sales goals: Days 61-90

Between day 61 and 90, you’ll gain confidence in your understanding of your medical sales job. Now, create a firm plan for meeting your annual sales goals and think of ways to improve processes or bring new ideas to the team. Reflect on what’s working and what’s not. 


30-60-90 Day Sales Plan




30 days 

Objective: Have a firm knowledge bank of the [ROLE] and [COMPANY]

Learning goals: 

-Understand [ROLE] job descriptions and responsibilities 

-Unpack [COMPANY] mission and strategy 

-Identify top three solutions sold by [COMPANY]; create battle cards for each 

Team goals: 

-Develop regular check-ins with manager

-Have 30-minute Zoom call with everyone on the team

Sales goals: 

-Present sales pitch to teammate at the end of the first 30 days

60 days 

Objective: Develop a customer pipeline and begin contributing to sales at [COMPANY]

Learning goals: 

-Practice [COMPANY]’s current prospecting techniques 


-Compare and contrast offerings of [COMPANY] to [MAIN COMPETITOR] 

Team goals: 

-Shadow co-worker(s) on call(s) to develop a relationship and learn other sales approaches

Sales goals:

-Close first deal 

90 days 

Objective: Expand on role; continue to develop sales and improve processes

Learning goals: 

-Refine prospecting techniques and target new customers for [COMPANY] 

-Learn about new tools to complement [SALES MANAGEMENT SYSTEM]

-Analyze Closed-Lost to Closed-Won ratio to date

-Prepare responses to commonly-faced sales objections and role-play these situations with co-workers

Team goals: 

-Get feedback from manager and co-workers to reflect upon and improve progress toward sales goals 

Sales goals: 

-Build up the pipeline to increase by [XXX]%

-Retain [XXX]% customers 

-Have [XXX]% report positive sales experience 

Just like your resume, your 30-60-90 day sales plan will continue to evolve. It’ll need to be tweaked to fit each position you’re applying to, as well as the unique tendencies you uncover when researching various companies. 

Utilizing a set template will help you quickly organize your strategy to land your next role and jump right into making an impact at your dream company.