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3 Ways to Fuel Your Medical Sales Career with Gratitude

Unsplash: GabrielleCole

As Thanksgiving approaches, I’m once again thinking about all I’m grateful for this year. As I go down the list, from family to career and everything in between, I can feel my mindset from a stressful week shift.

I feel a sense of gratitude and relief washing over me, calming my mind. With a new sense of clarity and calmness, my days aren’t only impacted internally — I also feel my communication and patience has increased as I go through my daily tasks.

I have learned this sense of gratitude-induced well-being is a proven reality. In fact, a recent report by The Association for Psychological Science, Undervaluing Gratitude: Expressers Misunderstand the Consequences of Showing Appreciation, discovered expressing gratitude improves well-being for both expressers and recipients.

In medical sales, you’re tasked with constantly building and maintaining quality relationships. A major, but frequently forgotten, piece of this puzzle is showing your appreciation for others in a genuine way. But with so many different types of relationships, it’s challenging to show gratitude in a way that each person accepts and values.

So, this Thanksgiving, we’re helping you take advantage of the power of gratitude with these three tips:

1. Write a note

The days of pen and paper seem far behind us. But the positive impact of writing down your feelings remains. Subjects in a recent Harvard study, Giving thanks can make you happier, have witnessed this firsthand. Those who wrote down what they were grateful for were noticeably happier after 10 weeks.

Writing allows you to slow down and process your feelings. When you take this lesson and apply it to co-workers and medical sales customers, you’re allowing yourself to fully process the immense gratitude you feel toward each person — and they’ll feel it too.

Showing gratitude with a thank-you note is inexpensive and takes just a few minutes. So, it’s the perfect way to frequently show your gratitude toward co-workers, company leaders, and customers. These concrete expressions of gratitude give people something to hold onto. They also provide them with a frequent reminder that they were on your mind.

2. Go out of your way

We’re entering a festive, “giving” time of year. However, don’t limit your signs of gratitude to holiday gifts. Go out of your way to let doctors, their staff, and your co-workers know you’re not just aware of what they do for you, you’re grateful.

Of course, this is easier said than done. When you’re a medical sales rep on the go, it’s challenging to remember who did what for you and when. Remedy this by designating a sheet in your portfolio or notebook specifically for moments of gratitude.

Even if it’s something small, like a nurse telling you a good time to return next week, write it down. Then, return the favor with by offering a helping hand or bringing in a small gift. Even something as simple as a cup of coffee has the power to uplift someone, letting them know you’re thankful for all they do.

3. Pay attention to the details

“I was just in the area and wanted to stop by!”

This seemingly harmless phrase won’t make anyone feel particularly special. However, something specific like, “I know your birthday is this weekend and didn’t want to miss celebrating with you,” will make people feel celebrated and seen.

An important part of showing gratitude in medical sales is doing just that — letting people know you see them as more than a means to an end and you are grateful they’re contributing to your growth and success.

Each time you’re with a co-worker or customers, take a moment to discover little details about their lives outside of work. When’s their birthday? What’s their pet’s name? How many children do they have? What’s their favorite sports team?

Questions like these offer you ways to connect on multiple levels. As you create these deeper connections, you’ll have even more meaningful ways to show your appreciation.