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3 Ways to Attract Top-Earning Medical Sales Reps


The best of the best medical sales reps are bringing in top dollar for both themselves and their companies. If you’re out there searching for them, you’re not alone. With a highly competitive job market and industry, top-earning medical sales reps have their pick of many career options.

So, how does your company stand out above the rest to this elusive group?

According to our 2017 Medical Sales Salary report, the highest paid medical sales reps aren’t falling into high paychecks by accident. In fact, it’s their hard work and determination that not only makes them successful, but places them at the top of every recruiters’ list.

Here’s how you can attract top-earning medical sales reps:

Show off your team’s successes

Your company’s successful reps didn’t reach the top of your leader board by accident. Between their skills and experience and the company’s support, they’ve made your company their home for a reason.

It’s experienced and dedicated sales reps like your own who are bringing in top dollar for their companies.

In fact, according to our previously mentioned salary report, those with more than 20 years of experience average a total compensation of $168,983, versus $101,175 for those with less than two years experience.

While it’s important to look for reps with a lot of experience, they’ve been in business for years and do require you be atop your recruiting game. It’s your job to prove that moving to a new company is worth their while.

And the proof is in your employees and their successes.

Put your team to work by asking them to record video testimonials or write them for your career site. Ask them to explain how management or the company as a whole have provided the necessary support to nurture their growth. Then, give them the freedom to speak openly about their passions for the company and its products.

Put your travel perks front and center

You don’t have to tell top-earning medical sales reps about the time and effort it takes to succeed in this business. In fact, our salary report found those who travel 50 percent of the time make $169,669, compared to those who travel 10 percent of the time and earn $142,717.  

Let’s face it, your company isn’t the only one offering enticing perks like expense accounts or company cars. That means you need to show candidates how your company goes above and beyond traditional perks to support their travel needs.

This could even be done through a rewards program. Make a fun competition for those who are out traveling and making the most sales. Whoever gets the highest sales each month gets bonuses in the form of gas cards, a new car, or other travel-related perks.

Make your company brand clear

Top earners will only excel in an environment where they fit well into the culture and have a strong passion for what they’re selling. Unfortunately, only looking at a reps’ earnings and experiences may land you a new hire who won’t excel in your company’s environment.

In order to ensure the right cultural fit, they need to share the company’s values. It’s also crucial they have the soft skills required to build and maintain strong client relationships and work with internal peers to accomplish company-wide goals.

Let top-earning medical sales reps know what your team stands for and what it takes to be successful at your company. This can be done by making your company brand consistent through all job postings, company web pages, and social media sites. To take it a step further, have one of your top earners share a typical day in their role to fully explain expectations and even co-worker relationships.

The top-earning medical sales reps are a tough group to recruit for good reason. But with your extensive skill at recruiting, you can succeed in attracting them to your company. Focus on your company’s success, your awesome perks, and the well-established company brand and you’ll be able to entice them to discuss joining your winning team.