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3 Surprising Stats about Top Medical Sales Salaries

Which Medical Sales Jobs Pay $250k+?

The 2015 Medical Sales Salary Report analyzed the incomes of 2,772 survey respondents to evaluate how much med reps earn and which factors have the greatest impact on earnings. According to the report, professionals selling Health IT and Healthcare Software products and services earn the most – an average total of $169,881 to be exact. And the highest paying job titles were “Sales Director” and “Sales VP” – averaging $214,755 in total compensation.

Medical sales professionals working in these two areas are certainly likely to be well paid, but this isn’t the only way to earn big money in medical sales jobs.

We took a closer look at the data in order to determine exactly who is earning the highest medical sales salaries and uncovered some surprising facts. The list of survey respondents earning $250k+ wasn’t dominated by Health IT reps and Sales Directors (though there were a few). In fact, the 8% of survey respondents (209 total) who reported a total income of $250,000 or more was largely made up of male, medical device sales reps in their 30s and 40s.

Below the graph are a few surprising stats about those earning $250k or more.

57% of those earning $250k or more are Field Sales professionals.

The job function “Field Sales” doesn’t make it into the top 3 highest paying job titles, but clearly, the job sometimes pays more than Sales Manager, National Accounts, and Sales Director jobs. This proves it doesn’t always pay to climb the corporate ladder. Sometimes the highest medical sales salaries are earned in the field.

42% of those earning $250k or more work in medical device.

Health IT sales jobs and healthcare software sales jobs may earn the highest salaries overall, but plenty of professionals in medical device sales jobs are out earning their peers in health IT.

88% of those earning $250k or more are men.

Considering the discrepancy between average medical sales salaries for men and the average salaries for women in medical sales, perhaps this stat isn’t all that surprising. Men are more likely to sell the higher paying products and are far more likely to hold the higher paying job titles, so it makes sense that they would dominate the list of top earners.


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