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3 Spring Cleaning Tips to Rejuvenate Your Recruitment Strategy

Spring is finally in the air. The weather is warming, fresh greens are poking through shades of brown, and the sun is making us feel new again.

This time of year always reminds me of the traditional deep spring cleaning — where you throw open the windows, letting fresh air in and get down to the nitty-gritty. Dusting off and reenergizing isn’t just beneficial for cleaning office spaces and homes.

Your recruitment strategy needs this same type of inspired rejuvenation. Now is the time to consider what tools and process have become outdated. Or what’s simply in need of a deep-clean and reorganization. As a result, you’ll not only be updating strategies but ensuring you’re not becoming stagnant in day-to-day routine tasks.

So, let in that fresh air, take a deep breath, and let’s get down to business:

Dust off traditional strategies

Some recruitment strategies should never go in the dumpster. They continue proving their worth year after year, so there’s no need to consider ditching them.

However, often these tasks become second nature. For example, networking, following-up on employee referrals, and reaching out to candidates are something you do daily. This can make them a mundane task, which lowers your excitement and the efficacy of these tried and true tactics.

Take these 101-style recruitment strategies off your shelf. Really shine them up and remember why they’ve worked for you all these years.

  • -What traditional strategies are still in your wheelhouse?
  • -How have they evolved? I.e., networking on social media vs. in person
  • -What about these strategies reminds you of why you fell in love with recruiting?
  • -Are there new trends you can adapt to add flair to these recruitment strategies?

There’s nothing more inspiring than getting back to the basics. Use this time to evaluate where routine has led you to sleepwalk through parts of your day. Then, dust them off, shine them up, and put them back to work.

Polish your skills

You can never be overly skilled in your role. For recruiters, especially, the workforce, candidates’ expectations and needs, and the economy create a constant need for evolution.

It’s challenging, though, to take time to assess your strategy and skills. You’re fully engulfed in a highly competitive field during a major talent shortage. Taking on a ‘spring cleaning’ mentality is an effective way to hold yourself accountable. It’s a time to take a truly critical look at your strengths and weaknesses — and act on improving them.  

Make polishing off your skills a priority – chisel time into your busy schedule to build on both your recruitment strengths and weaknesses. Online courses and webinars are readily available and allow you to move at your own pace.

Beyond formal courses, get out and chat with colleagues. Set up an appointment with those recruiter friends that you’ve been putting off. Compare notes on current trends, what’s working, and where you could brush-up on skills.

Clean out your recruitment strategy closet

Recruitment strategies often become personal. If you’ve been in the game for an extended period of time, it’s especially challenging to let go.

Unfortunately, when looked at with a critical eye, you’ll find some of those weren’t as effective as you thought. It’s these type of stray strategies left in your recruitment closet that lead to hiring the wrong person, something the majority of recruiters (86 percent) say they’ve done, according to a TalentLyft report.

Dig through that cluttered recruitment strategy closet. Consider what each tool or tactic has done for you.

  • -Was it truly effective or simply an exciting trend?
  • -Did it bring you a few great hires right off the bat? Why’d the effectiveness wear off?
  • -Are those hires still working for the company?
  • -What has this tool or tactic done for your recruitment strategy in the last six months?

Take the time to be honest and critical. Even if it’s something you’re not actively using in your recruitment strategy, too many distractions add clutter to an already hectic working world.

What tactics do you use to spring clean your recruitment strategy? Let us know!