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3 Old School Top Sales Tactics That Never Fail

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If top sales tactics weren’t constantly evolving, salespeople would still be going door-to-door selling vacuum cleaners. Now, consumers can go online, check hundreds of reviews in a matter of minutes, place a product in their virtual cart, and have it delivered to their doorstep in two days.

This, of course, is an obvious shift in the sales market. However, there are some top sales tactics that remain timeless. Whether used 10 years ago or by today’s leading companies, these oldies but goodies are the source of constant sales success.

Amazon is the perfect example of a company that’s doing many things right — sales included. And the proof is in the numbers. Last year, the company’s fourth-quarter revenue grew 38 percent to an incredible $60.5 billion, beating analysts’ predictions of $59.83, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Of course, we don’t all work for Amazon-sized companies — and that’s OK. However, with these forever-valuable sales approaches, you’ll feel just as powerful as Jeff Bezos’ team.

Here are the top sales tactics that keep on giving:

1. Treat customers like family

Amazon is known for its popular customer service style. In fact, I recently heard a story about a family that ordered a PlayStation for their son for Christmas, which mysteriously disappeared from their doorstep. When the family reached out to Amazon, a new and free PlayStation arrived at their home — just in time for Christmas.

The effects of exceptional customer service have been boasted about for years. But it’s customer service like in the above story that sends your sales strategy into a whole new dimension. While this seems like a simple and obvious tactic, it takes an immense amount of attention to detail to perform an effective customer service act.

Ensure your customers are happy from start-to-finish. From the initial interaction to service calls in between, and even complaints, it’s your job to treat every customer as though they’re your family. When you do, you’ll have the insight and knowledge to create powerful moments like Amazon’s Christmas surprise. And it’s those moments that customers will be raving about to their friends, family, co-workers, and on every social media channel.

2. Go beyond your company’s social media

Your company is using social media to promote products. Social selling is a great way to target audiences and connect with thousands of people with just one post.

However, relying solely on a company’s social media presence isn’t the top sales tactic that has pushed sales pros ahead for years. To create meaningful, long-lasting relationships with customers, you need to be available where they’re already hanging out.

If you’re like many sales pros, adding even more communication channels to the sales process is a daunting task. I mean, how many more notifications can you receive in one day? But before you count it out, consider this: a whopping 72 percent of salespeople using social media as part of their sales process outperformed their peers and exceeded quotas 23 percent more often, according to a recent report by social sales expert Jim Keenan.

Adding social selling to your sales toolbox isn’t an overnight process. If you’re already using this tool, it’s critical that you go through the following steps frequently to keep up with customer trends.

First, research where your current and potential customers are hanging out most. Depending on their demographics, they’ll prefer one social media site — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram — more than another.

Once you know where they’re hanging out, find out the what they’re doing. What are they sharing? Are they reposting articles they find interesting? If yes, what underlying opinions or fun facts are expressed in them? Or do they use social media more for family sharing?

No matter the case, use your own social media accounts to connect with customers on this personal level. Share blogs or how-tos they might find interesting, get personal and share your favorite hobbies, and even show-off your passions for sales with inspiring quotes and memes.

3. Measure your own personal analytics

You’re front-and-center of the company. As a medical sales rep, you’re one of the key people leading the way for overall company success. No pressure, right? Before you put the entire company’s performance on your shoulders, it’s critical that you look at your own approach as one of the top sales tactics.

Using key analytics that companies use to measure overall performance as a personal indicator will get you to your goals quicker. For Google, this comes in the form of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). According to one investor, Kleiner Perkins, the OKR system became a huge success at Google. Even CEO Larry Page writes his own personal OKRs.

To make it work for your own sales success, you need approximately five objectives per every quarter. Each objective then receives a set of measurable key results. For example:


  • Increase leads in sales pipeline

Key Results

  • Increase pipeline size by 20 new quality leads
  • Reach out to 10 new leads using targeted social selling
  • Cold call 10 new leads every week
  • Build a new audience via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

These key results are easily measurable, as long as you hold yourself accountable. Keep yourself in line by breaking them down into smaller, daily goals.