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3 Annoying Things You Say in Interviews (plus 1 thing you would never say)

Don't be annoying in the medical sales interview. You’re not exactly sure what happened. It seemed like the medical sales interview was going well, but then, the mood shifted somehow. You went from thinking she was about to issue you a laptop and cell phone, to feeling like she couldn’t get rid of you fast enough. So what changed? Was it something you said?

Well, there’s no easy way to say this, but – yes, it may well have been something you said!

Not convinced?  Well, take a look at the list below, and if these words crossed your lips, then you have unknowingly annoyed the very person you were hoping to impress. But all is not lost. Just learn from your interview mistakes and avoid annoying your next medical sales interviewer with the same tired phrases.

1.       “I’m a fast learner!”

Well, of course you are a fast learner – everyone is – but what they want is someone who doesn’t have to learn. They want someone who already knows how to do it. So don’t just tell them you’re a fast learner, point to something relevant that you already know how to do that proves learning this particular procedure/medical device/drug will be relatively easy for you.

2.       “I’m a perfectionist.”

When asked about your weaknesses, please, oh please, don’t use this tired answer. While of course this isn’t the time to confess your darkest sins, you should be able to talk about something that perhaps didn’t come naturally for you, and then explain the steps you’ve taken to grow in that area. Think about past reviews and the things your former managers have asked you to work on. Show what you’ve done to improve in that area.

3.       “No, I don’t have any questions.”

Seriously? You’re considering spending the majority of your waking hours doing this company’s bidding and you don’t have a single question about what they may ask of you? This tells the interviewer you are either 1) so desperate for a job that you don’t care about the specifics of this one, or 2) you are so inexperienced in the working world that you don’t even know that you should be asking questions.  So know this – when the interviewer asks if you have questions, he or she is not just being polite. The questions you ask in a medical sales interview reveal something about what’s important to you in the job, so if you don’t have a single question, it suggests the job itself isn’t all that important.

And finally….

4.       “What exactly does the company do?”

Now, of course you would never say this, but this list would not be complete without adding this obvious no-no of the job interview. Whatever you do, don’t go into an interview without having done comprehensive research on the company. Visit their website. Read their press coverage. Check out their presence on social media. Better yet, check out your interviewer on LinkedIn. Do as much research as possible to prepare for your interview.

So, let’s hear it. Are you guilty? Which ones have you said? Come see us on Facebook or Twitter to confess your interview sins, but don’t dwell on them. Learn from your medical sales interview mistakes and move on.