2021 Surgical Sales Salary Report

Surgical Sales Salary Report

“How much money does a surgical sales rep make?”


Every year, MedReps conducts a survey to answer this question and more: 

“What size surgical sales company pays the highest salary?” 

“How much commission do surgical sales jobs pay?”

“How does travel impact surgical sales salaries?”

“How does location, age, and gender impact surgical sales earnings?” 

In the spring of 2020, we asked surgical sales reps for predictions about how the global crisis would impact the future of medical sales. A shocking majority (91%) said they expected the pandemic to negatively impact their 2020 earnings. This year’s results are consistent with those predictions. 

2021 Surgical Sales Salary Key Findings:

  • – Surgical sales total average compensation decreased slightly (0.5%) as a result of a dip in commissions 
  • – The greatest jump in total compensation is from Account Management to Sales Management (managing people) — an average total difference of over $70,000
  • – Reps working in the OR report lower salaries than those in hospitals, a flip from last year’s findings — likely due to limited elective procedures in 2020.
  • – Surgical sales has a lower representation of women than any other category, but it is the only one to achieve parity in average total compensation  

Surgical sales pros are slightly less likely than other product categories to receive common health benefits and matching 401k. However, this category is represented by the highest number of independent sales contractors.

Benefits that used to be viewed as ‘perks’ are increasingly available to surgical sales reps. Nearly half (43%) of surgical sales respondents receive paternity leave and one-third report access to tuition assistance.

Overall, satisfaction is high among surgical sales representatives. The majority (84%) report being satisfied with their income.

Check out our full findings below to learn more about how you can develop a successful surgical sales career:

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