2020 Medical Equipment Sales Salary Report

Medical Equipment Sales

“How much money does a medical equipment sales rep make?”


Every year, MedReps conducts a survey to answer this question and more: 

“What size medical equipment company pays the highest salary?” 

“How much commission do medical equipment sales jobs pay?”

“How does travel impact medical equipment sales salaries?”

“How does location, age, and gender impact medical equipment sales earnings?” 

But this year, no one could have predicted that one of the questions would be, “How is the global crisis impacting the future of medical equipment sales?”

2020 Medical Equipment Sales Salary Key Findings:

  • Medical equipment sales salaries see a slight increase due to a rise in base salary
  • Although medium-sized companies offer the highest base salaries, large companies report the highest total average compensation
  • Those spending time in the surgery/OR earn the highest average total compensation
  • Medical equipment reps who spend 50% of the time earn significantly more than those traveling 25% of the time

Medical equipment sales representatives ended 2019 on a slow but steady salary increase. No one could have ever predicted what the start of 2020 would hold. According to our survey, 78% of medical equipment sales respondents believe the COVID-19 crisis will negatively impact their earnings. 

Still, their outlook for the future is bright, as half of respondents say they expect to make more in 2020 than they did in 2019. The unexpected positivity could be due to the unfortunate but current necessity in increasing needs for specific medical equipment supplies, such as ventilators and lab testing equipment. 

These reps saw an increase in total average compensation from $171,962 in our 2019 findings to $174,723, due to a nearly $3,000 increase in base salary. Their determination in the field stems from the potential the field has to offer. Medical equipment representatives will move passionately in the future, despite the many unknowns. 

Check out our full findings below to learn more about how you can develop a successful medical equipment sales career in the future:

Medical Equipment Sales

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