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Why You Shouldn’t Hit PAUSE on Your Job Search During the 2020 COVID Holiday Season

There’s no sense in sugar-coating it. 2020 has been rough. Many are ready to take a break come year-end as this year has taken its toll. When it comes to the job search, many people are under the impression that December is an ideal time to hit “pause” on their job search — based on misinformation stemming from career myths. 

Below are three reasons to reconsider a plan to hit the brakes until January. I’ve thrown in two things you can do instead, should you remain unconvinced and plan on taking a break – but wouldn’t mind something job-search related to show for the time.

#1 Businesses Open Now are Likely to Stay Open 

In business and healthcare, the doors don’t close because the calendar is filled with national and religious holidays. During 2020, many companies were forced to scale down. In states that reopened, they were able to resume safe but normal operations, but chances are they are playing catchup and working toward scaling back up. 

The 2020 Medreps Jobs Report backs this up. According to MedReps survey results, during Q4 2020, healthcare as an industry continues to recover, and the outlook is good for device and pharma companies. Their job search research reveals that medical sales job seekers have every reason to feel encouraged. 

#2 Use it Or Lose It Budgets Haven’t Gone Away 

Not all decisions are put on hold till after January 1. In fact, many budgeted funds are lost if not used – which means hiring managers that still have funds for a position will be eager to fill it. 

#3 Competition Thins Out

The reality is that many job seekers do lay low during their holidays. This means competition is less steep and makes it easier than before to stand out. 

A Job Search Alternative

#1 Get Your Career Marketing Collateral Ready to Roll

Getting your resume and LinkedIn profile ready for a 2021 job hunt will not happen overnight. If you plan on outsourcing the writing of both, be aware that many professional resume writers are booked several weeks in advance because of the rise in COVID-related layoffs and furloughs. 

Documents ready in December mean you’ll be prepared to hit the ground running come January – well ahead of those who pressed pause. 

#2 Upskill Without Breaking the Bank

Whether looking to break into Medical Sales or hoping to do a bit of professional development – just because you can’t attend conferences in-person doesn’t mean you need to stop learning. There are several web-based and auditory medical sales training offerings available free or at a fraction of the cost of in-person conferences. 

Here are a few to consider:


MedReps offers a series of audio training programs for medicals sales and pharma sales reps created by a medical sales training and consulting firm with a history of working with top companies Bayer, Teva, and Medtronic. 

Topics include question-based selling, negotiation with Healthcare Providers, and Business Acumen for Pharma reps.   

The National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

NAPR offers a CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program to provide entry-level job seekers industry knowledge and education. 

Ahead is Better than Behind

Whether you choose to continue a full-throttle job hunt or opt for the more low-key professional development route, every step taken is one step further than those who hit the brakes. 

Remember – it’s always better to be ahead than behind!

Virginia Franco

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– By Virginia Franco, NCRW, CPRW

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