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These 2019 Business Predictions Will Forever Change Recruitment


The 2019 predictions for the business world are rolling in — and they’re exciting. After a rough year in recruiting due to the gross talent shortages caused by record-low unemployment rates, everyone could use some positivity.

While nobody can predict exactly what will happen, various CEOs have made intriguing, educated guesses in a newly-posted FastCompany article. These predictions, however, are not set to impact the business world in general. Oh no, they’ll dig into the more finite moving parts of every organization — especially recruitment.

They won’t all happen immediately, but the waves of change are coming. Here’s more on how these three business predictions will impact recruitment forever:

Women experience changes in the workplace

The prediction: “With the tailwind of the #MeToo movement followed by the largest number of women elected into politics in any U.S. cycle, we are on the verge of significant change in the way women experience their professional lives.” — Melissa Smith, CEO of WEX Inc.

Many workplaces experienced an awakening in 2018 as a result of the #MeToo movement, whether they were impacted directly or indirectly. Now, more than ever, leaders are creating workplaces that adapt to females’ strengths. Women, especially those in male-dominated industries, will have even more power to stand out with their natural abilities and personalities.

From a recruiter’s standpoint, this prediction will change how they need to approach talented females in the job market. Full transparency, from the very first interaction, will be the ultimate way to attract top professional women.

It lets them know your company is prepared to offer them completely equal rights. And even more importantly, it proves your company is aware of the major issues in the business world and creating a workplace where women can excel is at the core of the company’s organizational beliefs.

Recruiters need to prove company leaders are worthy

The prediction: “Many leaders today have not really been tested in a downturn, whether the 2007 downturn, 9/11, the dotcom implosion, or many of the others that preceded those times. It’s never easy to be a leader, but it is darn harder when the tide is not in your favor.” — F. Scott Moody, CEO of K4Connect

The fear of an economic downturn is never far out of reach. In fact, our recent report, The Truth Revealed: Is Low Unemployment Causing a Medical Sales Jobs Shortage?, revealed during the last recession, 70 percent of medical sales employees were laid off, 74 percent couldn’t find a new job, and 65 percent couldn’t hit performance goals.

With the potential for an upcoming economic downturn, medical sales employees must feel secure in their company’s leaders. The best way to do this, according to over half of the respondents in our 2019 Best Places to Work report, is through honesty and trustworthiness.

This year, medical sales recruiters aren’t tasked with selling a company and its open roles. Now, they’ll need to show candidates can trust leaders enough to pull them through challenging times.

Start by getting your leaders involved by offering quotes revealing their own personal beliefs about running a company to share on social media and your career site. These reflections humanize leaders. As a result, candidates will feel connected to them, trusting in their abilities faster.

Diversity legislation will be enforced

The prediction: “As the long-overdue focus on gender and racial equality continues, the government will increasingly step in to legislate for change.” — Fred Stevens-Smith, co-founder and CEO of Rainforest QA

The importance of diversity and inclusion in recruitment has dramatically increased over the last few years. Companies understand the value and importance of having diverse teams. The actual implementation of these measures, for many, has been unfortunately slow.

In 2019, we may see the government step in with new legislation. With anything new in recruitment, this could be positive or negative. As a whole, companies still dragging their feet on diversity and inclusion measures will be forced to pay closer attention to their actions. However, in an already depleted talent pool, tighter regulations could make it even more challenging to find qualified talent.

The best thing to do is continue increasing your hunt for diverse talent that will enhance your current teams. Get ahead of the game by refining your diversity efforts and immediately putting them to action. If legislation comes into play, you’ll be better prepared to handle the changes.