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2014 Medical Equipment Sales Salary Report

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capital equipment sales rep salary respondentsNearly 3,000 medical sales professionals participated in the 4th Annual Salary Survey. These anonymous respondents shared data regarding their average base salaries and commissions, as well as what type of products they represent, their level of experience, what type of company they work for, and more. Professionals in DME and capital equipment sales together made up 10% of respondents.

According to the MedReps Salary Survey, medical equipment sales representatives earn an average total income of $143,093 (Median $125,000), with an average base of $77,007. Medical equipment sales salaries are on the higher end of the spectrum. Of course, the highest capital equipment sales salaries are earned by professionals working in sales management. Capital equipment and DME Sales Managers, Sales Directors, and Sales VPs earn an average income of $187,955. Medical equipment Field Reps, as well as those working on National Accounts and Business Development, earn an average total income of $140,262. The majority of survey respondents placed themselves in the “Field Sales” category (72%).

In line with the broader medical sales salary report, manufacturers typically pay the highest salaries for capital equipment sales reps, with large manufacturers paying the most. Capital equipment sales jobs typically require a fair amount of travel, but the sweet spot seems to be for those who spend 50% of their time travelling overnight. This group earns the highest average salary at $167,336.

Also in line with the other reports, medical equipment sales professionals with the most experience earn more than those who have less. However, this doesn’t mean the oldest respondents earn the highest average salaries. Med equipment sales reps in the 41-50 age group earn the highest average salaries at $158,320.

The discrepancy between men and women’s earnings is impossible to ignore in capital equipment sales jobs, where women earn just 72% of what men in the profession earn. This is, in part, due to the fact that for every 1 woman working in sales management (including Director / VP titles), there are 14 men with the same title. The results also indicate that men spend slightly more time travelling, which we know equates to higher incomes.

The 2014 average medical equipment sales salary is up 4% over last year’s average and is the highest it’s been since we began tracking it. As one of the highest paying segments of the medical sales industry, it’s no surprise that capital equipment sales jobs and DME sales jobs continue to be highly sought-after.

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