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2014 Medical and Surgical Device Sales Salary Report

Medical and Surgical Device Sales Salaries

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Medical Device Sales Rep Salaries






More than 3,000 medical sales professionals participated in the 4th Annual Salary Survey, conducted in April of 2014.  The survey asked respondents for information regarding their average base salaries and commissions, as well as what type of products they represent, their level of experience, what type of company they work for, and more.

Professionals in medical device sales and surgical device sales made up 42% of respondents, by far the largest group of professionals in any product category. According to the MedReps Survey results, medical and devices sales representatives earn an average total income of $158,411 (Median $145,000), and an average base salary of $77,713. Surgical and medical device salaries are among the highest in medical sales. Not surprisingly, within this group, Sales Directors and Vice Presidents earn the most. While these high-level sales professionals only made up 3% of the device respondents, they reported an average medical device salary of $233,910. The majority of surgical / medical device sales professionals (73%) work in field sales and report an average medical device sales rep salary of $155,212.

Consistent with the overall Medical Sales Salary Report, manufacturers pay higher medical and surgical device sales salaries than distributors or service providers.  Also consistent with the overall report, the amount of travel does not have a significant impact on the average medical or surgical device sales salary. Those who spend 50% of their time travelling overnight earn slightly higher average salaries than those who travel more or less.

Predictably, professionals with more experience earn more than those who have less. However, those with 11-20 years of experience earn the highest medical device sales salaries (Avg. $190,939), slightly more than those with 20+ years of experience ($185,958). Age does not appear to have as big of an impact on income as experience. The highest average device sales job salaries are earned by those in the 41-50 age group, though the difference is not significant.

Women working in surgical and medical device sales earn just 84% of what men in the profession earn. This is, in part, due to the fact that for every 1 woman with a Director or VP title, there are 5 men with the same title. For every woman working in sales management there are 9 men. Because there are significantly more men in the higher paying management positions, the average income for men is skewed significantly higher.

The 2014 average medical and surgical device sales salaries are the highest we’ve seen since the survey’s inception. The 2014 average medical device sales salary is up 5% over those reported in 2013, and up 9% over the 2011 numbers.  If this trend in medical device sales job salaries continues, it’s safe to say the field will remain competitive – with sales professionals from every industry vying to transition into the field.

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