2013 Medical Sales Salary Report – Continued (pg. 3)

2013 Salary Report

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Income by Sex

Average Income by Sex


The wage gap continues in the medical sales industry, and unfortunately, it appears to be widening. According to the 2013 data, men report an average base salary 5% higher than women and an average total income that is 20% higher. In 2012, this difference was 1% and 15%, respectively.

To explain this difference, it’s important to look at both the positions held and products sold by men and women in the industry. As was the case in 2012, in the 2013 survey, men hold the majority of medical sales management positions. Men are also far more likely to sell medical devices and biotech products. Perhaps this discrepancy shouldn’t be surprising though, considering men accounted for 68% of all survey respondents. These numbers suggest the medical sales industry continues to be a male-dominated space.

Respondents by Sex


Average Year Over Year Income

According to the 2013 survey, the average medical sales income was down slightly (2%) from the 2012 Medical Sales Salary Report. However, this small decline is more likely a result of the change in survey methodology than it is a reflection of a decline across the industry. As was previously noted, the 2013 survey allowed for more precise reporting than in previous years.

While overall average income was down, more than half of respondents reported receiving a pay increase during the past 12 months. Those who saw a pay bump as a result of a promotion or job change received an average increase of 10.2%.



Medical Sales Salary Increase

Survey respondents spend an average of 20% of their time travelling overnight, but does the time on the road pay off? To some extent, yes.

The increased pay that often accompanies travel may in part be explained by the fact that professionals working in sales management travel an average of 42% of the time, while those in a strictly sales role spend just 17% of their time travelling overnight.

Medical sales professionals in Kansas reported the highest average income at $168,810, though they accounted for just 1% of survey respondents. The states with the largest number of respondents were California, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, and New York. Not surprisingly, the incomes reported by states with the highest number of respondents were more in line with national average.

Income by TravelIncome by State

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