2013 Medical Device Sales Salary Report – Continued (pg.3)

Medical Device Sales Salary Report

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Medical Device Income Year-Over-Year


The average medical device sales salary is down nearly 3% from the average reported in the 2012 Medical Device Salary Report. However, the 2013 survey allowed for more precise answers in an attempt to produce a more accurate report. So, the small decline is likely a result of this change in methodology and not a cause
for concern.


Medical Device Salary Increases



42% of device respondents received a salary increase during the previous 12 months. Those who received an increase due to a promotion or job change got an average increase of 11.7%. Those who were not promoted received an average increase of 5.2%


Medical Device Perks

Three-fourths of medical device professionals contribute to a 401k and receive some kind of employer match. 1 in 4 have a company car and more than half receive a car allowance or mileage reimbursement.

Medical Device Benefits


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