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2013 Biotech & Biopharma Sales Salary Report

2013 Biotech Sales Salary Report


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Biotech_Salary_Respondents conducted its 3rd Annual Medical Sales Salary Survey in April of 2013. More than 2,000 professionals currently working in medical sales anonymously shared data about their jobs, incomes, and other demographics. Professionals working in biotech or biopharma made up 6% of survey respondents, and this group reported higher average and median incomes than professionals selling any other type of product.  




With an average total income of $164,783, those working in biotech or biopharma sales jobs command the highest medical sales incomes. This group earns almost 10% more than the second highest group of earners, those with medical device sales jobs.


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70% of the biotech/biopharma respondents hold the title “field sales rep” or “territory manager.” Not surprisingly, should this group make the jump to management, they will see a significant impact on their incomes.




While the majority of biotech /biopharma respondents work for manufacturers, it appears that the 14% who work for distributors aren’t missing out on earning potential. While those working for manufacturers report slightly higher base salaries, those working for distributors make it up in commission.


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