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2012 Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Salary Report

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Pharmaceutical Sales Salary Report

2012 Pharmaceutical Sales Salary ReportPharma Sales Jobs conducted its 2nd Annual Medical Sales Salary Survey in April of 2012. In an effort to compile as much data as possible, we sent our 2012 Survey to Premium Members, Basic Members, and former Members too. Only responses from those currently working in healthcare sales were considered – bringing the number of eligible responses to 1,457. This report focuses only on those respondents working in pharmaceutical sales.

Pharmaceutical sales professionals earn an average total compensation of $120, 606.

At $120,606, the average total income reported by our survey respondents working in pharma was 22% less than the total income reported by professionals in the highest paying field, medical device. While the average base salary of those working in pharma was higher than most others, the commissions and bonuses earned are considerably less.

2011 vs 2012

The 2012 average indicates a 4% increase over the average total compensation reported by pharma sales professionals in 2011 ($115,737). This lines up with the 73% of respondents reporting that they had received an increase in the past 12 months– the average increase reported was 4%.

Pharma Rep Salaries Compared to Last Year

Sales Reps vs Management

The jump to management in pharmaceutical sales has a huge impact on income. Base salaries for those working in pharma sales management are a reported 38% higher than those in a pure sales role; commission and bonuses for those in management are a reported 45% more.

Men vs Women

Men working in pharmaceutical sales earn, on average, 8% more than women. The difference may in part be explained by the fact that 72% of the higher paying pharma sales management positions are held by men.

Pharma Sales Rep Salaries by Experience

Income by Age

Pharma base salaries steadily increase with age, but commissions and bonuses did not vary all that much. The most significant jump in total compensation appears between the 20-30 and 31-40 age groups, but it continues to climb as respondents get older. (Note: Income for 60+ based on very limited data.)

Income by Experience

Experience is a key factor affecting pharmaceutical sales incomes. With a total compensation of $148,670, those with 20+ years of experience clearly earn the most. Base salaries increase significantly as years of experience go up, but commissions and bonuses remain relatively steady.

Income by Company Size

Pharma sales professionals working for small companies (

Pharma Sales Rep Perks

Income by Travel

The results of the survey suggest that travel has very little impact on earnings. Regardless of the amount, the base salaries and commissions stayed relatively steady, with the exception of those traveling 50% of the time. This may be due in part to the fact that respondents with higher paying management jobs largely fell into this group.

Pharma Sales Rep Perks

Three-fourths of pharmaceutical sales professionals have access to an expense account and 83% drive a company car. Only 9% of pharma respondents said they did not have access to any of these perks.

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2012 Pharmaceutical Sales Salary Report

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