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2011 MedReps Medical Sales Rep Salaries: How much do med reps make?

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It’s no secret that medical sales jobs are generally accompanied by impressive incomes, but just how impressive are they? And how does the type of medical product you sell affect what you earn? These are questions often asked by those new to the industry, but veterans also tend to be curious about what their peers are earning. It’s not something people talk about; it’s impolite to ask. But we did it anyway!

Medical Sales Salary Survey

Average Salary by Category

Average Salary by Function

Sales & Management Salaries sent out a medical sales salary survey earlier this month to find out how much our employed members are making. Close to 700 members completed the survey – all of them currently employed in the industry. The respondents came from a mixture of medical sales jobs, including marketing and management professionals working for medical device companies (60%), pharmaceutical companies (22%), and biotechnology companies (6%). The remaining 12% were employed by medical equipment companies, laboratories, or distributors.

Survey Respondents by Category

The average base medical sales rep salary of all survey respondents was $82k, with an average total compensation of $136k.