Medical Device Sales Salaries

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Thinking about a career in medical device sales jobs? Jobs in this category are highly competitive in large part due to the attractive medical device sales salaries. While the base medical device sales salary is often lower than the base salary for pharmaceutical sales jobs, the commission structure in medical device sales typically means greater overall earnings.

medical device sales salaries graphs

The most important factor in determining compensation for medical device jobs is the average sales price of the product being sold. Higher commissions require more expensive and complex medical devices. Sales of simple thermometers and tongue depressors – both considered medical devices – yield significantly less than the sales of silicone implants, heart valves and other more complex medical devices. Sales skills are required no matter what kind of device is sold, but the more complex the device, the more knowledge and expertise is required of the medical device sales rep – and they will be rewarded accordingly.

Medical equipment can also fall into the category of medical devices. Jobs selling medical equipment such as X-ray machines and medical lasers can yield some of the highest medical device sales salaries in the industry, but the sales cycle for these high-dollar products is much longer and the job requires a more aggressive sales technique.

The MedReps.com Medical Device Sales Salary Survey Tool depicts what is currently being offered in the most recent medical device jobs listed on MedReps.com. Use the tool to find out what you could earn selling medical devices. Sales reps who are currently employed can use the tool to find out if what you are earning is competitive.