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15 Tips to Grow Your Medical Sales in 2023

Everyone sets goals during the first weeks of the new year, and medical sales representatives are no exception to that rule.

While putting some goals in place in order to not only meet your sales quotas, but also exceed them, you’ll need to find a set of tips to follow.

15 Tips to Grow Your Medical Sales in 2023

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Consider including these 15 tips to grow your medical sales in 2023.

1) Take Advantage of Digital Tools

Choose tools that can help you do everything from tracking expenses to capturing potential clients and turning them into customers. Take advantage of the many apps available that have been designed for salespeople, and use them to streamline your processes.

2) Determine Your Customer’s Pain Points

Pain points consist of what the customer needs in order to solve one of their problems. By determining them, you’ll show your customer exactly how your products can help. Those pain points can then be used in everything from an elevator pitch to a sales presentation.

3) Put the Patients First – How Can You Help Them?

Consider your customer’s patients when finding approachable angles to sell your products. After all, your customers need to consider their patients when determining different tools and techniques. In order to connect with them, you need to consider those patients, too.

4) Look at Last Year’s Goals and Double Them

Start by determining what you accomplished last year and finding ways to do better – a lot better. You can choose to double certain goals or even triple them. What matters is putting some numbers in place to give you actionable goals.

5) Write Your Goals Down on Paper

By writing down your goals (yes, using a paper and pen), you’re more likely to stick to them. As an alternative, take a picture of those goals, and use it for the wallpaper on your phone.

6) Ask Your Customers for Referrals

Your current customers are connected with other potential ones. Ask them for some referrals to widen your client base. Take advantage of who you know and use your networking skills to find potential new customers.

7) Put Together a Sales Funnel

You need a solid sales funnel in order to be successful. Consider putting together a virtual one using CRM software in order to automate your systems. Without a sales funnel, you could be shooting in the proverbial dark when trying to lock down a sale.

8) Redesign your Sales Presentation

Never let your sales presentation, which is most likely a slide deck, get stale. Redesign it every year with updated graphics and figures. You need to show your customers that you’ve spent time on your presentation.

9) Fine-Tune Your Sales Pitch

Your sales pitch, also known as an elevator pitch, is designed to capture your client’s attention. Spend some time fine-tuning and updating this pitch as well as your presentation. You’ll need a slightly different pitch for each client, in order to show that you’ve put the work in.

10) Create a Blog and Social Media Accounts

One way to bring in new customers is by making yourself and your knowledge public. A blog and social media accounts are excellent marketing tools that you can use to your advantage.

11) Put Together an Email Newsletter

Consider putting together an email newsletter using a program like MailChimp and asking your current clients to sign up for it. This will make updating them regarding new products and other changes easy.

12) Attend a Training Course or Two

Enhancing your skills is always a good idea. Never stop learning how to be a better medical sales rep. Ask if your employer has any corporate training sessions, or consider looking to a local college for relevant courses.

13) Ask for and Utilize a Mentor

A mentor can help you become a better salesperson. Not only are they full of tips and tricking, having been there themselves, but they can also be a sounding board when you need one.

14) Read Up on Industry Trends and Relevant Studies

It’s crucial to keep learning about your industry. This makes you a better salesperson, as you’ll become more knowledgeable. In addition, you can pass on this information to your customers.

15) Commit to Timely Customer Follow-Ups

How often do you currently follow up with your customers? You should be responding quickly to their inquiries, checking to make sure that sales went well, and even seeing if they need anything else. Commit to making these follow-ups on a timely basis to improve your customer service.