12 point checklist medical sales resume
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12-Point Checklist for a Typo-Free Medical Sales Resume

Nothing shuts the hiring door more quickly than a medical sales resume with typos. Reviewing your document over and over can make your eyes glaze over, which in turn makes your chances of missing a typo increase  exponentially!

12 point checklist medical sales resume

In addition to running your medical device or pharma sales resume past  grammar and spell check software like those provided as part of  Microsoft Word or available for free or with a subscription online, this  12-point proofreading checklist can be easily printed and tacked to a  bulletin board to serve as a third and final safety net.


Is my name and contact info the same at the top of each page?


Are my serial commas in place accordingly?


Is my text spacing consistent (i.e., 1 or 2 spaces after each period, the same distance between all bullets?)

#4:  FONT

Has my font type and size remained unchanged throughout the document?


 Have I accurately and consistently capitalized? (i.e., names of departments, names of companies)


Are my margins the same size both right to left and top to bottom?


Is my tab, bullet and line alignment constant throughout?


Do my bullets all look the same?


Is my chosen formatting for dates, titles and company names consistent (i.e. underlines, italics, caps, bolding)?


Is there a period at the end of each sentence?


Does my two-page resume have a page number?


Have I had a second set of eyes review this?


Check each item off of this list before submitting your medical sales resume secure in the knowledge that the reader won’t find any typos or mistakes! Hopefully, what they will find is the exact experience and skillset they are looking for to fill the medical sales job in question!


– By Virginia Franco, NCRW, CPRW

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