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MedReps consistently provides more medical sales jobs than any other site - general or niche.

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Increase Your Odds

2 out of 5 members reported getting a face-to-face interview after submitting a job application, and 1 in 6 got a job offer.

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The Go-to Site

3 out of 5 members were referred to the site by a friend or colleague in the industry.

Success stories from our clients

" is the best online resource for device sales, disposables, equipment, and pharmaceuticals sales positions. Not only is it easy to navigate, but it divides jobs by all categories imaginable. They even provide me with the latest news articles, webinars, and insights into the industry"

Lauren P.

"I was already working in the industry, when a friend recommended MedReps. I joined the site, and like any good sales rep, I approached my search with a hunter mentality. It took a few months and a lot of proactive follow-up, but eventually, I went on several interviews and ended up with multiple job offers."

Danny D.

News and Advice

This is Why You Never Hear Back from Recruiters

You sent out a promising job application to a recruiter and you feel really good about it — you’re a great match for the job! You anxiously wait by your phone and check your email multiple times a day, but you don’t hear back. Why didn’t they call you back?


How Your Internet Footprint Can Keep You From Landing Your Dream Job

Gone are the days of recruiters simply making a few calls to check a job candidate’s credentials or playing the guessing game that comes along with deciding if someone is a good fit for a specific position.


Stop Wasting Time – 10 Tips to Interview Only The Best Candidates

One of the toughest jobs in a company is being the first line sales manager. The goal is to maximize your time in the field coaching your current sales team to success and minimize your time interviewing candidates that are not the best fit.


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