Medical Sales Training Programs

Who do sales managers at Teva, Medtronic and Bayer turn to for medical sales training content? Training specialist and consultant, Scott Moldenhauer. proudly partners with Scott to offer our members medical sales and pharmaceutical sales training programs to increase sales effectiveness.

Scott Moldenhauer is President of Persuasion Consultants, LLC, a medical sales training and consulting firm. Scott works with top companies like Bayer, Teva, and Medtronic, among others, to help their sales teams be more effective. As an industry veteran himself, Scott understands the unique challenges medical sales reps face when selling products to physicians and hospital administrators. In addition to his corporate engagements, Scott spends time interviewing some of the world's top sales trainers about the application of their techniques in medical sales. Full recordings of these interviews and presentations are now available for purchase on

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Audio Training Packages
Basic medical and pharmaceutical sales training for medical reps
  • The Challenger Sale, with Matt Dixon and Rick Carlton
  • Question-Based Selling, with Tom Freese
  • Persuasion Tactics for medical reps
  • Convince Docs Using Body Language, with Carol Kinsey Goman
Deluxe Training for Medical Reps

With the Deluxe Training for medical reps, you get everything in the Basic Training Package:

  • Question-Based Selling, with Tom Freese
  • The Challenger Sale, with Matt Dixon and Rick Carlton
  • Persuasion Tactics for medical sales reps
  • Convince Docs Using Body Language, with Carol Kinsey Goman


  • Secrets of Rainmaking Reps, with Jeffrey Fox
  • Negotiating with Healthcare Providers, with Ron Lambert
  • Patient-Type Selling, with John Kuchna
Pharmaceutical Sales Training
  • Physician access secrets
  • How to Influence Physicians, with Robert Cialdini
  • Question-Based Selling, with Tom Freese
  • Advanced Pharmaceutical Selling (parts 1-4)
  • Business Acumen for Pharma Reps, with Ed McCarthy
  • How to Sell with Clinical Studies, with Jim Price and Jane Chin
  • Secrets of Successful Pharma Salespeople, with Sarah Taylor
  • Convince Docs Using Body Language, with Carol Kinsey Goman


  • Bonus Dowload - Pharmaceutical Sales Revolution, by Scott Moldenhauer

  • "Today's pharmaceutical representatives face more challenges than ever before. In Pharmaceutical Sales Revolution, you learn what the top 1% of reps are doing to overcome the new challenges of pharmaceutical selling. Whether it's gaining access to hard-to-see physicians or selling in a managed-care environment, this book offers an insider's look at what it takes to come out on top."

Listen to samples below
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The Challenger Sale

Reps often fall into one of five categories, but which one is typically the most effective? Author Matt Dixon and Rick Carlton examine the traits of the "Challenger" rep, sharing how they:

  • Use relationships to get in the door, not to win business
  • Teach the doctor something new
  • Leverage tension to their advantage

Question-Based Selling

How can you cause the doctor to engage in productive conversation? Best-selling author Tom Freese shares how to use his trademarked methodology, Question Based Selling to:

  • Pique a doctor’s interest
  • Establish credibility
  • Differentiate from the competition

Convince Docs Using Body Language

Doctors form opinions of reps within seven seconds, and 93% of the messages representatives send are nonverbal. In this interview, author Carol Kinsey Goman will share:

  • How to maximize body language during a sales call
  • How to use body language to create faster relationships
  • Why something as small as a handshake can make all the difference

Secrets of Successful Pharma Salespeople

How is it that a handful of salespeople get exceptional results, year after year? In this interview, author Sarah Taylor explains:

  • What top-performing salespeople do on a daily basis to succeed
  • Why top performers never put relationships first
  • How to consistently become part of the top 5%

Secrets of Rainmaking Reps

The hallmark of a great salesperson is the ability to motivate customers. In this recording, Jeffrey Fox, author of How to Be a Rainmaker, shares his secrets for motivating customers.

  • Why you must become obsessive about selling
  • Why closing is more important than presenting
  • Why selling is the only job in the company that requires practice