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2012 Medical Sales Salary Reports and Widget

Medical Sales Rep Salaries

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As the leading job site for medical, pharmaceutical and biotech sales professionals, has nearly 30,000 active Premium Members with valuable insight into the medical sales industry. According to our Member Profile survey, nearly two-thirds of our members are currently employed and 89% have industry experience. Annually, we ask our employed members to provide us with anonymous data about their jobs, compensation, and other demographics.

The 2nd Annual Medical Sales Salary Report looks at the year over year income growth of medical sales professionals, and also analyzes how income is affected by product sold, company size, age, experience, and other influential factors. The report summarizes data from over 1,400 professionals currently working in medical sales. Reports specific to each of the main product types – medical device, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, and biopharma/biotech – are also available.

And don’t miss the medical sales salary widget to easily view the survey data. Users can input a variety of criteria and instantly see what professionals in similar situations are earning.

About the 2012 Medical Sales Salary Reports

The 2012 Medical Sales Salary Survey was sent in April of 2012 to Premium Members, Basic Members, and former Members too. Only responses from those currently working in healthcare sales were considered – bringing the number of eligible responses (partial and complete) to 1,457. The Survey Reports include partial responses; the Salary Widget does not.

Also note: The Medical Sales Salary Reports cite average (or mean) incomes – calculated by designating a midpoint value for each salary range (i.e. $62,500 for the range $50k-$75k), adding the reported values, and dividing the total by the number of respondents answering that question. The widget however, reports on median values, determined by aligning all responses in numerical order and identifying the midpoint value. Median and mean values can vary somewhat significantly.

Download the Medical Sales Salary Reports:

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